How to Recover Deleted Photos and Images

Photo(image) is worth thousands of words that it has the powerful ability to record life stories and moments. Memory is easy to fade with flying times, thankfully, we can always recollect those precious moments from photographs. So it would be an annoying thing if you deleted some photos by accident. Lost time is not recoverable, but the lost photos are restorable. To recover deleted photos, you only need a undelete files software.

In fact, the deleted photos are not immediately gone forever from the photo storage medium. You still have a chance to undelete photos before they have been overwritten by new files.

Kvisoft Data Recovery is recommend for your reference to do deleted photos recovery, which is a powerful program in retrieving deleted photos from all kinds of storage media, such as memory stick, USB, SD card, computer hard drive, phone, digital camera, CD, iPad and so forth. It’s a user-friendly and effective Windows tool for anyone to retrieve photos deleted or lost by other reasons!

How to Restore Deleted Photo Files on Windows( include Windows 8 )

Kvisoft offers both Windows and Mac data recovery software. In this guide, we will discuss about how to undelete photos by using the Windows Data Recovery software.

Start Photo Undelete Windows and Choose a device type

If your photos were deleted accidentally from removable photo storage devices, such as USB flash drive, SD card, mobile and etc, firstly please connect the device to your Windows powered PC with the data cable. Once it has been identified, you can start Kvisoft photo undelete program and select a media type from its home interface.

Select the device/partition to recover images from

In the popup window, please select the device or partition where you deleted the photos. If you only need to recover the deleted pictures, please tick Quick Recovery and then click Start tab to go to next step. It will save you a lot of time.

Scan deleted photo files

The software will automatically scan the deleted photo files from the selected photo storage medium. The scanning process will take a while. The scanned photographs will be listed under Image category by format(.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp…) as soon as possible during scanning.

Preview and restore deleted photos

You can stop scanning if you have found the deleted images from scanned results. If not, please wait until the photo scanning is completed.

Drill down the Image tree, you can preview the deleted photo files one by one. Once you found the deleted images, please tick them and click Recovery to recover deleted photos.

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