How to Record Skype Video Calls on Windows 10/8/7


Skype can be considered as one of the most important communication tools in the world. People like to use Skype to keep in touch with their friends and family in everyday chat, no matter where they are. Skype is fabulous, especially when people are talking to each other with the video calling function. It makes it possible to stay together with your family and friends even though you are living far away from them. You can see their expressions when they are talking as well as feel their moods. And now, with the rapid development of technology, Skype also plays an important role in business field. People can not only use Skype for their regular catch up, but also for a video conference.

Can you record Skype video calls?

However, the only deficiency of Skype is that, you are unable to record the chatting moments. You cannot capture the sweet or memorable Skype video calls, or the important video conference. What a pity! So, how to record a Skype call? Is there any way to record video on Skype?

After trying many times, we finally find a good solution for solving this problem. Since Skype does not natively support video call recording, we need to use the third-party application to achieve this. Up to now, the best Skype video recorder is the Screen Recorder which has won a good reputation from its users.

The main function of this professional Skype Video Recorder

➤ Record any video on your computer

This Screen Recorder is powerful enough to allow you to capture any video on your computer, such as online videos and music videos, games, streaming videos and even Skype video calls.

➤ Take video screenshots

While recording a Skype video call, you are able to capture any frame and save it as screenshot.

➤ Record mouse cursor

Make your recorded video more instructive and informative with showing the mouse cursor, especially for the video tutorial, when the capture is enabled, the icon will turn to yellow and move during recording.

➤ Support setting the end time when you want to stop recording

You are able to record the screen even if you are not around. You can set the end recording time manually and the recording process will automatically stop according to your setting.

How to record Skype video calls?

Then, we will show you how to record a Skype video call with Skype Video Recorder step by step.

1 Free download the best Skype Video Recorder on Windows computer. After installing this software, double click to launch it.

2When you get the main interface of this Skype Video Recorder, you are able to record Skype video calls by selecting the video call screen and adjusting the audio. You can choose full screen or select the screen by yourself. As to the audio settings, you can choose both the system and microphone for keeping both of your voice druing recording the Skype video call.

Skype Recorder

3 Click REC to begin recording your Skype video call. You are able to control the video process during recording. Choose the hotkeys to start, stop, pause or resume capture. If you want to capture some frame, you can also choose the hotkey and the captured image will be saved as PNG format.

Screen Recorder

4 After recording Skype video call, the recorded Skype video call will be automatically saved as WMV format.

The steps are easy, right? For the details about how to use this software, please visit: How to use Skype Recorder

So after reading this article, you will find it is not hard at all to record Skype video calls. Only with 4 steps, you can save the important Skype video calls on your computer, and you can review them anytime. In addition, this Skype Recorder also allows you to do the following things:

Record video and audio;

Record Desktop Screen;

Capture Streaming Video;

Record games;

Save YouTube Videos and music videos;

And more…

You can learn the steps from the video below:

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