How to Place a Skype Video Call on Your Android Tablet

On your Android tablet, placing a video call with Skype is easy: Start up a text chat. After the conversation starts, touch the Video Call icon. The call rings through to the contact, and if that person wants to video-chat, they pick up in no time and you’re talking and looking at each other.

When someone calls you on Skype, you see the Skype incoming-call screen. Touch the Answer icon to take the call. You may also see a Video button to accept an incoming video call. Touch Decline to dismiss the call, especially when it’s someone who annoys you.

The incoming-call screen appears even when the tablet is sleeping; the incoming call wakes up the tablet, just as a real call would.

When you’re in a Skype video chat, the screen looks like this. Touch the screen to see the onscreen controls, if they disappear.

Touch the red End Call icon to end the call.

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