How to merge or link Skype and Microsoft Account

Microsoft will be syncing your Skype and Microsoft Account

into one, to allow for an easier and more convenient login process. This lets you access all your preferred Microsoft services including Xbox, Skype, and Mail, via one login, and makes Skype even more secure than before.

The company also has some provisions for you if you don’t already have a common Microsoft account. You will need to add a verified email address to your Skype account. This helps Microsoft give you the two-factor authentication, helpful in protecting your password from vulnerabilities.

Link Skype and Microsoft Account

Let us take a look at some of the questions you may have about this.

How to update your Skype account for this new update?

  • Go to your Microsoft account and sign out if already signed in.
  • Just log in with your Skype account details.
  • If not already updated, you will be prompted to update your account
  • Click Next and add a verification email.
  • Once verified, your account will be upgraded to a Microsoft Account.

How to update your Skype account with an existing Microsoft account?

  • Go to your Microsoft Account and sign out if already signed in.
  • Log in with your Skype account details.
  • Click Next. A prompt will ask you to choose the account in case of multiple logins.
  • Click Next if you want to continue with the same account, click ‘Use another account’ otherwise.
  • Verify the password and click Sign In to continue.
  • You now have one sign-in for your Skype and Microsoft account.

Can you switch Microsoft accounts once Skype account has been assigned to one?

Unfortunately, you can link your Skype account to Microsoft account only ONCE.

How to sign in when Skype account has been merged into Microsoft account?

Log in and go to the main site and enter your email and password.

Which password to use after merging Skype into Microsoft account?

After the merger, you will be required to only input your Microsoft account’s password to then gain access to all your accounts – Skype, Xbox, Mail – under one roof.

How to resolve the error which says that your Skype account is already linked with another Microsoft account?

Microsoft does not automatically link your Skype login to another Microsoft account; it only does so on your instructions. So, it’s better to access your Skype through the login details of that particular Microsoft account.

Where haven’t all contacts on Skype been shifted to your Microsoft Account?

When trying to merge and link your Skype and Microsoft accounts, you might receive a prompt that Skype contacts were found for your respective account. You will need to sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account and transfer your contacts to the Skype account you are updating.

For more details, you may visit If you are new to Skype then this guide on how to setup and use Skype to make free calls.

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