How to Launch Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously

Most of the online Email Messengers like Gmail, Yahoo etc doesn’t have feature to allow multiple accounts from a single computer at one time. Same as in case of popular messenger >> Skype

. Yes, Skype also doesn’t allow multiple Skype accounts from a single browser on PC. However everyone knows about Skype but let’s have a little intro for it before the trick.

multiple skype accounts

Skye was launched a long time ago as a messenger for both commercial and non-commercial use. Some use it personally and some for their business. Skype was acquired by Microsoft and about 664 million registered users are there on Skype sourced in September 2011. Skype’s network is increasing day by day and even time to time.

Skype’s Features:

  • Commercial use
  • Non-commercial use
  • Instant Messaging
  • Making Voice Calls (Mobiles and Landlines)

Yes, Skype has also a feature to make voice calls to mobile phones and landlines as well; with suitable and nominal charges whereas famous messengers like Gmail and Yahoo lacks in this feature.

Now, if you would like to launch a second Skype let us move on to the trick for multiple Skype account launches from a single computer. For this, there are two methods either to opt the manual method or installing a freeware software named Multi Skype Launcher  in your PC. However, the manual method is somehow tricky and difficult to follow. So, better is to choose the second method.

Here’s How to Run Multiple Skype Accounts

Minimum Requirements before Programming:

  1. .NET Framework 3.5 or more
  2. Pre-installed Skype 4.0

This freeware (Multi Skype Launcher) is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Limitations of Multi Skype Launcher:

Basically, there is no such limitation for Multi Skype Launcher but it works on computer’s hardware. That means you can run as many Skype Accounts at a time from this freeware but if your hardware has less specifications then maybe you have to face slow processing of your system.

If your system has good hardware specifications like suitable RAM, Disk Space, Processor etc  then you don’t have to face such problems. But try to run fewer instances at a time for best use.

Is it Safe to Use Multi Skype Launcher?

Yes, don’t be afraid of any spam or malware. It is completely safe to use for both of your personal and business use. Most important and reliable feature is that it doesn’t share your Log-in Details.

Guide to Use Multi Skype Launcher:

  • Firstly, Download Multi Skype Launcher from here >> CLICK HERE
  • Install it to your PC (Installation is much simple like other freeware. You just might found bit confusion in the installation process when Multi Skype Launcher gives you an option for whether to install G Launcher or not. It’s upon your choice. G Launcher is a simple application to record your Skype conversations)
  • After the installation when you run the program it will ask you for the Log-In credentials. Fill up the details and hit OK button. Similarly you can add more Skype accounts as you wish.
    multiple skype accounts
  • After adding your accounts wish list simply select your preferred account and click Launch button.
  • Just after the click, your selected account will be launched in a new window. Repeat this process for multiple instances of your accounts. That’s it, you are done successfully.

NOTE: Too many multiple Skype account launches simultaneously may slow down your system.

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