How To Go Back To Facebook’s ‘Old’ News Feed

The ink is barely dry on Facebook’s redesigned News Feed, which it is still in the process of rolling out, and there is already a browser extension that enables users to return to their old News Feed layouts.

  • In April 2012, it debuted Restyle Timeline, which enabled users to revert to a single-column layout for Timeline, either with or without their cover images.
  • In December 2012, Secuna released Msn4FB, which added popular features from Windows Messenger and Skype to Facebook chat.
  • Last April, it introduced OldTimeline, which enabled users to remove the left-hand column in the then-new Timeline layout, which contains users’ about information, recent activities, and Open Graph actions via Facebook-connected applications.

Readers: Why do you think some Facebook users are so resistant to change?

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