How to fix “Skype problem with recording device”

Skype is the commonly used medium of communication. But nothing sucks like when it has developed a problem and you are trying to start a call, it displays “problem on recording device”. It demotivates you, right? Well, some people have gone through this agony and managed to get over it later after a few fixings. However, people are still experiencing this problem every now and then. In this article, we are going to address some of the common problems and share tips on how to fix them.

Most common issue is the microphone which largely contributes to the Skype recording problem where one party fails to hear from the other side. In general, the notable issues includes;

  • Skype microphone problem
  • Windows audio settings problem
  • “Error 6102” Skype problem
  • Skype Call Failed Problem (Windows 10)
  • Easy way to record Skype calls on Windows 

Solving Skype Microphone Problem

First and foremost, you need to test if your microphone is working perfectly before you solve the problem. The tests include:

  • Checking your Microphone

No matter the type of PC you are using, first check if the inbuilt mic is muted. If you are using the wireless mic, check if the batteries are fully charged. Note that if your Skype is unable to detect your microphone then you should get a notification.

  • Making a test call

Make a Skype test call to confirm if there are any notable errors in your skype. When calling the Echo123, make sure you record your message and if you get to hear your message, then your microphone is correctly configured. Should you fail to hear your own voice, continue to the next step. Solving Windows Audio Settings Problem

If you have a problem with your windows audio settings, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the start menu and search “Sound”
  • The dialog box will open and proceed to the recording tab

    microphone settings built in

  • See the “Microphone HD audio device” and double click then select the general tab to see if the microphone is enabled or not.


microphone property
  • On the levels tab, set the microphone level to 100% and the microphone boost to 0.0 and click apply.


microphone properties second

Now go to Skype window and follow the following steps:

If you make a Skype test call and fail to hear your own voice, then you should get the message saying “Problem with the recording device”.

  • Go to Tools option via the settings
  • On your audio settings, there are several types of microphones detected, set the volume high or just tick the box below to automatically adjust the microphone volume settings.
Skype audio settings
  • Call Echo123 again and if you hear your voice, then you are done.
test microphone in Skype

Your Skype recording problem should be solved if you follow the above steps attentively. However, if it fails then proceed to check whether there is a problem with your Windows audio settings. Solving “Error 6102” Skype Problem

This is another problem that faces many Skype users today. The reason for this menace is the playback device (headset, speakers, and headphones) or the audio input device (microphone). In most cases, it appears as a result of your Skype software failing to properly set up on your computer. This is how to fix Skype “Error 6102” problem:

Follow the below steps to fix “Error 6102”:

  • For the external microphones, make sure they are connected well to your computer. Also, check if the headphones and microphones plugs are connected to the right sockets.
  • On your Skype, click <Tools>Options<Sound devices. According to your preference, click “Audio In” device.
sound settings in Skype
  • Now move to the Start menu<Programs>Accessories<Entertainment<Volume control. Still on the menu, select Options<Properties. Click on your preferred microphone as “Mixer device”
  • When you are on the list “Adjust volume for” click the Recording button and also make sure the microphone box is selected. Now click “OK”.
HD audio device control
  • If you notice more than one device selected, ensure that the microphone is “Selected” and its volume is over 50%.

Skype Call Failed Problem with Recording Device Windows 10

When switching to different windows upgrades, Skype call usually fails more when upgrading to Windows 7 or 8.1. You are likely to face this problem more when connecting the headset to your laptop. Without the headset, it’s likely to work perfectly. There are various problem behind this issue. To solve this problem you need to do the following:

  • Disable the headset at the control panel.
  • Check everything on the sound settings to make sure everything is fine.
  • If everything is fine, then uninstall the sound card driver and download the up-to-date version from the vendor’s website. You are now ready to go!
HD audio device control

Need to Record a Skype call on Windows?

Well, for all of your call recording sessions, consider downloading the Talkhelper for Skype since its one of the top call recorder for Skype on Windows. This software can record both video and voice calls, then save them for future reference. Talkhelper software is easy to use and offers you a list of all your conversations or messages.


  • Unlimited call recording
  • Records both audio and video
  • Record Skype screen share
  • Saves and manages Skype videos
  • Saves and manages Skype voicemails

The software starts automatically on Windows although you are free to enable or disable the automatic recording option. Get recordings in either MP3 or WAV and save them to your preferred destination. Additionally, Talkhelper lists all your media messages for easy access and all files can play on Windows Media Player.

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