[How to Fix] Skype Has Stopped Working

If you are a Microsoft fan you may be already gone through the windows 8 developer preview. If you still not tried it yet please download it and experience the future windows operating system advanced features and enhancements.

Now let me take you in to this post, As you know windows 8 developer preview is not a stable operating system and we can expect lot of bugs there.. The recent issue is an example; the popular VOIP peer to peer software, Skype not working on Windows 8 developer preview. Recently I faced one issue while running skype on windows 8 developer preview. When ever I tried to log in to skype I got a message saying skype stopped working same as below. I tried restarting my machine and again given a try but still not worked for me.


I gone for a troubleshooting and found this issue happen after I installed the first ten windows 8 developer preview updates. I searched for the skype support; unfortunately I’m not found any working solution over there.

Why Skype not working ?

The main issue I believe that the official skype download servers having some issues when people trying to download the latest version of skype or it have some additional codes that making the issue on windows 8.The latest build of skype is version 5.5.117 and I tried installing the latest skype version 5.5.117 full installer, This time it worked for me.

Download skype version 5.5.117 full installer from here [official Skype Link –Normal Version]

When I’m Composing this post I found one update on Skype Blog and it looks like the issue not only with Windows 8; Official Skype Blog Now responded to the sign in issue and provided the solution to fix the issue for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.

How to Fix Skype Has Stopped Working  issues on  Windows

  1. If the Skype icon is displayed in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen, right-click it and select Quit.
  1. Click Start, type “run” and press Enter. (On Windows XP: Click Start and then Run.)
  1. Type “%appdata%\skype” and click OK.
  1. Locate and delete the file shared.xml. The file may be displayed as shared if file extensions are not displayed by default on your computer.
  1. If you cannot find this file:
  • Click Start, type “run”and press Enter. (On Windows XP: Click Start and then Run.)
  • Type “control folders” and click OK.
  • In the View tab, ensure that Show hidden files and folders is enabled.
  • Repeat the instructions from the beginning.
  1. Restart Skype.

How to Fix Skype Has Stopped Working  issues on Mac

  1. Open Finder and locate the following folder:

~/Library/Application Support/Skype

  1. Delete the file shared.xml.
  1. Restart Skype.

The ~ sign means your home folder. You can find your home folder by opening Finder and selecting GoHome from the menu bar or pressing Command (Apple), Shift and H keys at the same time.

How to Fix Skype Has Stopped Working  issues on Linux

  1. Go to the following folder:


  1. Delete the file shared.xml.
  1. Restart Skype.

The Skype folder is a hidden folder – please check Show hidden files in your file browser to view and access it.

Try out these Solutions and let me know Skype started working for you or not ?


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