How to fix skype disk i/o error

This is a Walk-through Tutorial, on how to fix skype disk i/o error for windows 7 users running Skype

Problem :


Click Task Manager and you will see a Popup window as shown below.

Click on The “Skype” App and then Click on where it says “End Task”  to shut down Skype completely.

Click on your Start ICON, Type Control Panel and press enter.  Select the Tools Menu as Shown and then Press Folder Options.

how to fix skype disk i/o error

Look for the folder name, that you would normally use as your Skype user name.  Delete the folder by right clicking on it and press the Delete ICON.

That’s it. You should now be able to log back in to Skype.  If you Still have problems logging in try the Skype community and they will be able to help you further, or contact me at any time and I will try to help you out. 

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