How to Find Your Received Files in Skype for Business

Have you ever wondered what happens to the files you receive through Skype for Business conversations (instant messages, conference calls, etc.)? Sure, you could go back through the Conversation History, you could use the Outlook search function, or ask a colleague to resend the document, but you don’t have to. Skype for Business aggregates all received files into one specific folder, keeping you and your colleagues organized.

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How to Find Received Files in Skype for Business

To quickly access any files that you received on IM, click on the Tool icon and then hover over the File option. Scroll through the drop down menu and click on View Received Files. Every received file over Lync IM will be there.


The default folder for all IM Received Files should be located in your C Drive and called “My Received Files.”

You can change this default repository if you like. Here’s how:

1.      Click your Tool icon. Hover down to the Tools and click on Options at the very bottom of that submenu.


2.      In your Skype for Business – Options window, choose File Sharing from the list of categories on the left-hand menu. You will then have the option to Browse for a new Folder to designate where your Received Files are saved. Choose whatever location is best for you.

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