How to Enable and Save Chat History in webmail

There are many benefits of saving chat history. For instance, you can retrieve a lost web address or access the exact course of conversation that you had days ago. Whatever the case is, the feature can really prove handy at times. Many email services have this feature, Microsoft’s has it too but, by default it’s disabled in

Let us in this post see how to enable and save chat history in web mail.

Enable and Save Chat History in Web mail

  • Log-in to your account. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon and from the available options, choose ‘More Mail Settings’.
  • Now, you are on the ‘Options’ page. Under ‘Managing your account’ heading, select ‘Messaging history’ option.
  • Check the ‘Save instant messages’ option and hit the ‘Save’ button when directed to a new page. As I mentioned earlier, the option is disabled by default. You need to enable it!  You can connect Facebook, Google+ and other social networking sites to and save the chat history for them as well.
  • Here onwards, all your message and chat conversations will be saved and archived thereby, keeping records of your chats.

Note: All your chats and messages will not be saved instantly but will appear in a folder only after you log out. I tested the feature with Facebook chat and it found to function well. All my Facebook chats with a friend were archived under ‘Messaging History’. Take a look at the screen-shot below.

If you would like to take any necessary action for the archived chats, simply click on the drop-down arrow adjacent to ‘Actions’ and choose the desired option.

Connecting to Facebook, Google+and other friends for chatting via is something that was not seen in Gmail or other related mail services. Many “Likes” to for this social media connectivity!

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