How to disable Notifications and Preview YouTube videos in Skype for Web

When Microsoft introduced Skype for Web a few years ago, the idea was to have a platform that was universal for all its services. However, the company failed to bring several features to the web version of Skype, and it caused many users to raise their fists in defiance.

Still, there was a single significant feature that Microsoft introduced in the past, and users loved it. The feature granted users the ability to allow users to turn on or turn off Skype notifications. It was a big deal since it brought the web, desktop, and mobile versions of the messaging platform closer.

Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan for long. In a new update release for Skype, Microsoft broke the notification system for quite some time. This issue only affected users on the web who uses Skype inside Outlook, OneDrive, and other Microsoft supported websites.

The update was designed to deliver a plugin-free Skype on the web. It simply means that users have the ability to make calls via the web version of Skype without having to install a plugin like before. Plugins are viewed as a security risk, so we’re happy to see Microsoft taking the necessary steps to free the web from its clutches.

Disable Notifications in Skype for Web

Performing this task is quite easy, as one would expect. Just take a visit to or Look for speech bubble icon located at the top, then navigate to Settings. Finally, just disable the Notification sound option, and everything should be up and running smoothly.

Now, let’s point out that should the user turn off Skype notifications in OneDrive, the same settings will apply for OneDrive. We hope for the day when any changes made to Skype will work on every version, no matter if it’s on the web or on the desktop.

To enable Notifications, just follow the same instructions and make the necessary changes for everything to work again.

The option is also there to mute the ringing sounds of incoming calls for a specified period. Users can mute ringing for four hours, eight hours, and 24 hours. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to Skype on the web.

Preview YouTube videos in Skype

For those who are unaware, it’s possible to watch YouTube videos from within Skype. Whenever a person sends a YouTube link, the player will show up, and from there, the video can be viewed without having to leave the chat area.

The option should be on by default, but if for some reason it’s not, just click on the Settings icon and proceed to select IM Settings. Finally, the option should now be there to enable and disable the YouTube Player.

From this same pane, users can turn on the Emoticon Suggestion feature, and even turn off the Typing Indicator. For those who are wondering, the Typing Indicator allows the other party to know when you’re typing. It’s not an ideal feature for everybody, so we’re glad it can be turned off.

Overall, Skype for Web is coming along quite nicely. We’re guessing as time goes by, we won’t need the desktop version as much as we do today.

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