» How to demo your iPhone or iPad app to remote audiences on Skype, GotoMeeting, Webex

When we are developing apps, most of our clients ask how they can demo/present the app on their ios device either on projector or present it in a web conference when using GoToMeeting or Webex or Skype like tools to show the progress and get some initial feedback.

This is a very common problem when the app development is in progress and your app is not in app store but you need to share the app to present it to remote audience.

Whether you  are presenting to a group of people in a room using Projector or to remote audience using web meeting, the following solution might help you. But before you get too excited, lets take a look at the some of the limitations and requirements

1. Your device needs to be either iPad 2 and above or iPhone 4s and above . Your os should be ios5 or above

2. Your IOS device and the computer that you are using to present should be connected to the same network

3. Mac running OS X Tiger / Leopard / Snow Leopard / Lion / Mountain Lion (Intel/PPC) or a PC running Windows 7, 8 or Vista. Note: Windows XP is not supported. Mirroring on Mac requires Snow Leopard or newer.

3. The wireless router to which your IOS device and the  computer are connected  should support broadband speeds ( not talking about the internet speed here. Talking about the network speed to transfer the data from the device to router to computer).When tested with networking devices that are older and doesn’t support broadband speeds, the experience was not good and hence not recommended

4. IOS uses technology called airplay to mirror its screen to Apple TV2. But we can use the same technology to mirror what ever you are viewing on the device on to your PC or Mac by using an app called AirServer.  AirServer can be installed both on PC and Mac and you can download the latest from their site http://www.airserverapp.com/en/Download. Luckily there is also a 7 day trial period if you want to test before you purchase for around $15 bucks and they also have student and volume purchase options at lower prices.

Now given the requirements and limitation, lets see how we can make this happen

1. Install the AirServer on your Mac or PC from http://www.airserverapp.com/en/Download

2. On your ios device, double click the home button and navigate to the very left. You should see airplay mirror icon. Tap on that icon and you should see list of device names with which you can share your screen. Choose the computer on which you have installed the Air Server in step1

3. Now you should see your iPhone or iPad screen mirroring on your computer. So your computer screen can now be shared in web meeting using GoToMeeting, webex, skype, teamviewer and/or on projector. Your audiences can now see what ever you are viewing on your device.

This is the best solution that I know of if you want to share/present your app with remote audiences on the web using what ever screen sharing tool you are using.  If your audiences are all  local then there are adapters that you can connect your ios device to Projector or HDTV directly

The same technique can also be used if you want to record a webcast for training purposes to train your end users on how to use the app or introduce the app and its features to end users.

True feedback or testing when the app is in development can only be done when the app is on their device. More about on how you can install the app that is in development to beta testers and stakeholders that are in different locations in a later blog post.

Until then, enjoy broadcasting your app features and capabilities with your remote audiences.

Note: If you are experiencing delay or lag, it may be very well due to the network speed of your router or the wireless adapter on your computer or laptop.  I had very good luck with routers that support 150 mbps or above transfer speeds and wireless adapters with similar speeds on the receiving end.

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