How to delete Skype history older than 1 hour

Use Delete Skype Account application to erase all private information and instant messages permanently forever

It so happens that you send an instant message while chatting with someone and suddenly realized that the message was not actually meant for him/her. Depending on your relationship with the person, you can probably just use a simple excuse, which may even be the truth. It works with your friends, family, in other words, people close to you. And what about others: partners, clients, colleagues or even boss? For most of them your already sent message – is a delivered evidence of your words. In this case the only way to change the situation is to modify your sent messages.

1 hour clock

It’s well known that Skype offers a feature known as “edit chats” using which you can modify, delete, edit or recall the instant messages that you have already sent to the recipient during a chat conversation.

Anyway, this Skype feature has some limitations. You will be allowed to edit or remove recently sent messages but only which are not older than 1 hour.

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