How to Delete Skype Contacts on iPad Easily

Delete Skype Contacts from iPad

Many people have the same problem when they use Skype on iPad, which is that they cannot find the “Delete” or “Remove” button when they want to delete unwanted Skype contacts from their contacts list. And also, even if you log in Skype website, you cannot delete Skype contacts.

In this article, we will show you how to delete Skype contacts from iPad easily. And you can choose only block or remove a contact on Skype, or permanently delete Skype contacts without the chance to recover. Just follow us to learn more.

Why need to delete Skype contacts from iPad

Like many people want to block or delete their Skype accounts for privacy, sometimes, we need to delete contacts on Skype to protect our privacy. If you have secret chat history on Skype with someone, it is better to delete these chat history, while it is a safe way to maintain privacy by deleting Skype contacts.

How to delete Skype contacts on iPad quickly

  • Solution one: How to block or remove contacts from Skype on iPad
  • Solution two: How to delete Skype contacts from iPad permanently

Solution one: Block or delete a contact/contacts from Skype on iPad

Step 1Open Skype app on your iPad and find the “Search” box at the top of the screen.

Step 2Tap the name/the phone number of the person that you want to delete/block. And a list of contacts will show on the left screen.

Step 3Tap the name you want to remove/block, and the same name will show on the right screen.

Step 4Click the name on the right screen, and the profile will appear, you can choose “Block” or “Delete”.

Now, you have deleted Skype contacts from your iPad. But if someone want to recover your Skype contacts, they can use one data recovery to recover your contacts easily. The safest way to protect your privacy is permanently delete Skype contacts from iPad, and no chance to recover. If you are interested in, you can read on.

Solution two: How to permanently delete Skype contacts from iPad

Here, we will show you how to permanently delete Skype contacts on iPad.

You can use one top Skype deleting tool, to help you delete Skype contacts from iPad forever. And no one else can recover them, because Skype contacts have been totally overwritten and cannot be found.

Step 1Download, install and launch this Skype eraser on your computer.

After download this Skype deleting tool on your computer, install and open it. And then connect your iPad to it via USB cable.


Step 2Scan all Skype Contacts.

On the left side of the screen, choose “Erase All Data” > “Erase”.

Choose Erase

Step 3Delete Skype contacts from iPad forever.

The Skype deleting tool will analyze your Skype data. And then all private data will be listed on the screen, select Skype contacts and click “Erase Now” to premanently remove contacts on Skype from iPad.

Delete Kik Messages

Now, all ways to delete Skype contacts permanently have been introduced to you. Moreover, if you want to delete all the data of your Skype and iPad, you can choose FoneEraser, one professional iOS data eraser, to help you remove all the data on iPad, including Skype contacts.

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