How To Delete Skype Account On iOS/iPhone/Android

Here, I discuss on a Fast way to delete skype account permanently also delete skype account from Microsoft account.

Due to this, completely removing the Skype account is required to delete any subscriptions we can have and unlink Microsoft account from Skype account. Here we can know the steps required to close our Skype account completely. To know completely about delete skype account just follow given steps.

If we sign up to Skype through the Microsoft account, then removing our Skype account can also remove its linked Microsoft account too. This is not what we need. We may also like open skype, skype free, wynk music app, Skype call, tubemate for Android, skype free download for windows 7.

  • Detach the Microsoft account from our Skype account
  • Scrap any dynamic subscriptions also appeal a return
  • Remove the Skype Number
  • Delete repeated payments just by deactivating the Auto-Renew option
  • Update our mood message
  • Set our position to Invisible or Offline
  • Finally, Sign out the Skype from all devices
  • Delete personally noticeable information from our Skype profile

How to delete your Skype account:

1) First, login skype account.

2) Then Go to account settings now go to the bottom of the page then select Account Settings under the Settings and Preferences sub-heading.

4) Then a verification message arrives. Click on the Continue to verification the function. Then Skype account is unlinked from Microsoft account.

5) Now we can cancel any Skype account or repeating payments. In Skype account settings, just click on the subscription we need to scrap blue bar on the left side.

7) Now select “Thanks but no thanks, I still want to cancel” to verify subscription deletion.

9) Although include repeating payments, don’t confuse about auto-recharging Skype Credit.

10) Now we deleted Skype subscriptions and then deleted repeating payments, contact Skype Customer Service then talk to them you need to close the account.

Final Results Of Removing Skype Account:

After a month, no one can able to find us in Skype since you have completed delete skype account. Our name still displays in friends’ contact lists except they delete skype account, but they can’t contact you. You may follow this article to know how to change skype id & how to delete skype account permanently, Solve errors while deleting my skype account.

To make it most complicated for others to search you in the Skype, delete skype account including personal information from Skype profile.

  • To alter a profile picture that recognizes you in Skype,
  • Tap on My Info in Skype for iOS,
  • Press your profile picture to select then Remove it.Finally,
  • Remember that don’t try to discard to sign out of Skype on the device.
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I conclude that Fast way to delete skype account permanently also delete skype account from Microsoft account. If you like this post try to share this post with your friends. Keep following us to know more interesting News in Technology.

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