How to Delete a Single Contact Skype Chat History

Skype is a text, video, and voice sharing app from Skype Inc. which is later acquired by Microsoft. As being a great IM it has it’s own drawbacks, out of which one is you can’t delete a single contact’s chat history or conversation. That is officially the skype app has only remove complete history of all contact feature.

Here in this post we are going to tell you about the solution of this problem, how to delete conversation or messages of a single contact in Skype.

Skype stores a roaming SQL database files that sync across the devices and stores a copy of the database on local systems. This database file named “main.db” stores all the details of messages, contacts, favorites and much more. This file is located inside the roaming folder of your system’s user account’s AppData folder, and the path is… Path:

Filename: “main.db” Type: “Database File”

Note: Now find this main.db file and copy it somewhere on your system for backup purposes in case you lost important messages or contacts.

If AppData folder is not visible in your username (computer username) folder then first check the box of show hidden files.

Complete Guide to Delete a Single Contact’s Skype Chat History:

Step-1: To access this database’s data, we have to use a third party database software and here we are going to use DB Browser for SQLite, it’s safe to use and bi-licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2, as well as the GNU General Public License Version 3 or later. This is available for download on Github as well as on the website. Here I’m downloading portable version.

Download –  SQLite Portable Version here

You can also check…

  • Download 64-bit Version for windows
  • Download 32-bit Version for windows

RUN the downloaded .exe file Select destination folder somewhere on your desktop. Extract the package by just following the flow.

Step-2: Go to the folder where you extracted the package in the previous step and run the  “SQLiteDatabaseBrowserPortable.exe” file. The interface should be like this…

Skype Chat single contact History delete - Dots Created

Step-3: Now open the database by the button “Open Database” and go to the path of main.db as Path:

example: Computer Login User Name: mark Skype User ID: mark_skype path: C:UsersmarkAppDataRoamingSkypemark_skype

Select the “main.db” database file and click open, it will load the whole database in DB Browser for SQLite.

Step-4: Now go to Browse data tab inside the DB Browser and select “Messages” table from drop down list under this tab. It will load all the database entries of messages saved in skype. Here on you just have to search the entries of the messages of the user you wish to delete.

so go to the fourth column of the table named “chatname”, below this a filter tab is present just type the username or first name of the contact, whose chat history you want to delete.

Skype chat database file in computer - Dots Created

As you go on typing it will filter all the entries, just select all by pressing CTRL+A on the keyboard and click the button “delete record”.

Delete Skype Chat History for Single Contact - Dots Created

It will not respond for some time if there are a large number of messages to delete so don’t hang the application by clicking again and again, just wait for some time, it will delete all messages and then click the button “Write Changes” to save the changes and then close the application.

How to Delete Skype chat for single user - Dots Created

Voila, your contact’s chat is gone!

the check is it out by going to your skype and also cross check that other chats are safe if not or if you lost something important then place the backed up database file we took at the beginning to the same path given above.

Please note that this will delete on your device copy of chat history if your skype account is logged in on other devices as well then this process will not delete their chat history.

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