How to Check Sound Settings on Skype?

Skype is one of the best video chatting app for computers and laptops and helps us easily connect with our near and dear ones. We can even make calls from Skype as it has a dialer functionality as well. Calls from Skype PC to PC are totally free, while you can also add Skype credit to make calls directly on landline and mobile phones.

Despite of Skype being a highly functional application, you may face some weird issues with clarity in sound and cracks in voice. These issues could be due to a poor network connection, but you can also make changes in Skype settings to resolve this.

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Here is how you can check sound settings for Skype:

1. First of all, check hardware settings and whether you have plugged in the headphones properly. If you don’t want to use external headphone and mic, then please un plug it.

2. Next, check default sound settings of windows by playing sound on the computer. Check if the sound is coming from the audio device you want to use or not.

To check your microphone, you can record a sample audio on your computer. You can record a sample audio with the help of in built sound recorder. To go to sound recorder, you can type sound recorder in windows start menu search box.


3. If all the devices are working find, then go to your Skype account to check settings further. Skype provides you a default sound testing assistant with the name “Echo sound test service”

4. Next you need to open “Echo sound test service” and click on call button. The test sound will help you determine whether the audio is being routed through proper channels or not.


5. Sound test will ask you to record your voice after the beep. If you are not able to hear your own voice properly then there is some issue with your settings or microphone.

6. To check internal settings of skype click on bars given on the top right of call window.


7. From here you can choose default device which Skype can use for receiving and sending voice.


From the drop down you can select default sound playing device and adjust volume. However, there is a check box for automatically adjusting speaker and microphone settings but sometimes you need to select your device manually. In case of laptops having when you attach an external headphone mic you manually need to do this setting.

So this new year you can wish your dear ones in your own voice and keep in touch with them with better connectivity.

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