How to Change Skype Name

Skype is an instant messaging software that utilizes voice-over-Internet-Protocol or VOIP. It allows users to communicate through instant messaging over the internet at a real time basis. The communication can be done via text, voice or even video data. However, there are some limitations that user of Skype experienced. One of it is the function of changing the username in Skype. Currently, Skype does not allow the user to change its username but only allows the user to change its display name only. The only way you can change your username is by opening up a new account. Some of the reasons user of Skype would want to change their username is due to the name probable was created a long time ago in which that username probably is not relevant to them right now. Some of the name created long time ago probably sounds silly and they would want to change it to reflect a certain degree of professionalism. There are also instances in which the Skype username contains the maiden name of the user before they are married or after they have divorced. So, there is a need sometimes for Skype users in wanting to change their username. However, currently Skype only allow users to change display names only. How do you do that? First, you need to start Skype and log in into your account by typing your password. Once logged in, click on the Profile tabs. In the profile page, click on your name. Edit and rename it to a name that you preferred. This will be reflected in your display name. You can change the display name many times. Just make sure that you save the settings once you have modified the settings.

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