How-To Change Skype for Business Meeting Room Options

Depending on your role, you my need either a static (dedicated) meeting room or a variable (new) meeting room. Try these tips for a secure, productive conference calling environment. 

(Note: this option is only available in the dedicated version of Skype for Business Server, not in Microsoft’s Office 365 version. As of 2017, all Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business meeting rooms are variable.)


What are Skype for Business meeting room options?

A static Skype for Business meeting room maintains the same conference number and code and online meeting URL for every meeting you create. When is this helpful? If you have a weekly call with the same participants, and some may or may not be on Skype for Business, and you want them to always know what number to dial and conference ID to plug in. Also, if your meetings are largely internal and rarely back-to-back, and it doesn’t matter if a participant accidentally joins your conference bridge at the wrong time.

A variable Skype for Business meeting room changes the conference number and code and online room for each Skype for Business meeting instance. When is this helpful? When you have many internal and external conference calls that could potentially overlap. If you have a client or colleague on Lombardi time, and you don’t want them showing up 10 minutes early and listening in while you’re wrapping up another call, you need a variable meeting room.

So, obviously variable meetings are more secure. If you’d like to ensure you avoid having your new client accidentally join a heated, internal meeting, it’s time to go ahead and change your settings.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Outlook and create “New Skype Meeting”
  2. In the fresh meeting, click “Meeting Options”
  3. If you need a variable meeting space, click “A New Meeting Space”. If you need a static meeting room, click “My dedicated meeting space.”
  4. Select “Remember settings”
  5. Send a calendar invite or close the window.

Also, if your primary reason for choosing a dedicated meeting space is because you have team members on the road, please be sure everyone has the Skype for Business mobile app. Then, there are no numbers to memorize. Just click “Join” and go!


Skype for Business makes it easy to meet on your terms. Change your settings today to make sure you have the most productive calls possible, whether that’s making them easier to join, or giving yourself peace of mind that no one can join the wrong meeting.

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