How to Change Skype for Business Idle and Away Settings

While the business world is increasingly digital, there’s still quite a bit of work done offline, such as reading contracts, grading papers, visiting with colleagues in your office, etc. So, you can still be hard at work, but Skype for Business settings will read your “inactivity” and register that you’re “idle” or “away,” giving those on your contact list the incorrect perception that you’re not available. It’s easy to change the settings so that Skype for Business won’t be so quick to misread your lack of activity. With this tip, you have plenty of time to work away from your computer while still being seen as “available” or “busy.”

How to change Skype for Business settings for idle and away

How to change your Skype for Business settings

Follow these instructions to adjust the time to your needs and activities:

how to change skype for business settings idle 1
  1.  Click the gear icon > tools > options
  2.  Click the status option
  3. Change “Show me as Inactive when my computer has been idle for this many minutes.”  I’ve selected 15 minutes for this option.
  4. Change “Change my status from Inactive to Away after this many minutes.” I’ve selected 40 minutes for this option.
how to change skype for business settings idle 2

You can also adjust your computer/laptop settings to reflect these timelines, so that your computer doesn’t go to sleep while you’re still working (but not touching your computer).

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