How to Block Calls

Block and Filter lets you block calls and messages from selected numbers on your Windows 10 Mobile.  If you too are annoyed with those Hair fall and, Life Insurance messages, this is the way to go. Well, look no further, we have got you the detailed tutorial of getting rid of those calls and messages.

Block Calls Messages Windows 10 Mobile

To open Block and Filter, go to Settings> Extras> Select Block and Filter. However, due to some weird reason the app keeps crashing on my phone, when opened through Extras. So, I found out another way to open the app, tap on Phone> Click the three dots below> Click on Blocked calls.

Now, let’s see how to block Calls and Messages on Windows 10 Mobile.

How to Block Calls and Messages:

  • To block a call, Open Phone> Tap and hold a number> Block. That’s it! Now, when you get calls from that particular number, it gets rejected automatically.
  • To block a message, Open Messaging> Tap and hold a message> Block. Now, you will get rid of the messages you don’t want to see/read.
  • Apart from blocking calls, and messages separately, you can block a contact, so that you can neither get calls nor messages from that particular contact. To do this, open Block and Filter using any of the method given above. Tap on the Hamburger Menu> Select Block List> Tap the ‘+’> Enter the number you want to block.

How to manage Blocked Calls and Messages:

  • You can unblock the blocked calls anytime, just follow the above step till you reach the Blocked Calls menu, tap, and hold the number you want to unblock, Click on Unblock.
  • Similar to unblocking calls, messages can also be unblocked by tapping and holding the blocked message in the Blocked Messages menu.
  • Numbers with no caller ID can also be blocked under Settings of the app.
  • You can also get notified when you get a message or call from the blocked contact, just by switching on the option under Settings.

Windows 10 Mobile also lets you use third party apps like TrueCaller to block calls. While I haven’t used them like I have used this inbuilt feature, let us know what you think about native experience vs app experience.

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