How To Access Skype Web Version

Skype, Best calling Software used by Millions of people Daily For Business,chatting, Video calling, Calling etc Skype Recently launched Web Version of Skype that means if you have skype id password you don’t need to install skype software in PC isn’t cool? click here for skype web version

I had tried this first time on my firefox, i had downloaded and install official Plugin that allows me to make Free video call and audio calls & all other features same like software installed in computer.

like WhatsApp also  have Web version tool for browser which is quite a cool feature by WhatsApp just you have to scan code in your mobile and it will connect you to web no need to hold mobile in your hand If you don’t know how to use WhatsApp web version you can see instructions here.

Skype web version

one of the problems with Desktop application that you have to carry that system in which software is installed Skype Given solution by giving Skype Web Version.

skype web Version

Again, if your computer damage or crashes or something bad happens to your machine, then you have to wait for reinstallation of windows and reinstall all software if you got urgent work in skype Then you just logon web version of skype

skype Login

Each month there is an update, you have to download in skype for people’s areas of expensive bandwidth or Limited GB usage plans users this web version is a cool feature for those guys.

I can use anywhere my skype just requirement is the internet and the latest browser.

There are more users will join skype because of this feature only who don’t like to install software in Computer.

Skype Versions:

There are three versions skype can be install:

Mobile – Install app Though playstore or ios store web –    No Installation Required just login web version of skype and Use same like desktop version Desktop – Download and install direct through skype website

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