How to Access Remote PC or provide Remote Assistance

How often do you face with the situation when your computer illiterate friend  needs computer assistance, but you can’t help him by phone? It is the situation when remote assistance software came to game!

Actions on your local computer

You will need to download Anyplace Control to your own computer and run it (Admin Module). Installation is not required: just run it and log in to your Online Account (if you still have not Online Account you will be able to create trial account for free):

Log in to you Online Account using your e-mail address and password.

Then click “Add New PC” button:

If your account is newly-created, you will see a little different interface. Use “Click here for instructions” button:

When you click this button, special link will be created and displayed in your browser:

You will need to send this link to the remote user via any communication way: Skype, e-mail or social network. This link is invitation for remote assistance session. It is very easy to send the link to your partner right from Anyplace Control web-site. All you need is: to click “Send button” and enter destination email address:

Anyplace Control will create standard invitation e-mail and send it to the remote user.

Actions on remote user’s computer

When remote user open that message, it will look as shown below:

User clicks special link (shown in the e-mail) to download remote assistance module from Anyplace Control web-site. The following web-page will be loaded:

The only one action is required from remote user – to download and run the software (Host module). Installation is not required!  Passwords and ID-numbers are not required for the remote user and it is easier  in comparison with competitor’s products.

Host Module software starts on users’ PC and connects with your Online Account automatically.

Actions on your PC…again

Remote PC appears in your address book automatically and you can connect to it from your Online Account:

It is very secure because no one except you can log in to your Onlne Account.

Then you can control remote desktop in “Full Control” mode, access remote files and perform many other operations.

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