How do I remove Skype formatting from phone numbers on my web pages on my websites? –

Skype automatically highlights any phone numbers displayed in a web browser to make it easy to ‘click to call’ the numbers. Just because you see this formatting on your computer, doesn’t mean other people see it.  Skype formatting on phone numbers is specific to each person’s computer, not to the general formatting of a web page.

That means you can’t really control whether other people see phone numbers on your web pages with skype formatting, but you can remove it on your own computer. I for one, found they formatting — and the way skype changed the size and display of phone numbers — annoying!

It can also be problematic that if you copy and paste a phone number that skype has highlighted, you get a bunch of skype code when you paste it, which means you have to delete a bunch of unecessary characters if you do something like copy and paste a number from a web page into an email message.

Skype Click to Call

So how do you get rid of skype formatting on phone numbers?

The easiest way is to uninstall the skype “click to call’ app. That doesn’t mean you have to uninstall skype, you can still use skype to make call, chat, etc, you’ll just keep skype from formatting numbers on your computer — but you can still copy and paste numbers into skype to make it easy to call any number you see on your screen. Uninstalling Skype Click to Call just removes the program that creates Skype shortcuts.

On a windows computer, you can uninstall the skype click to call feature the same way you’d uninstall any program.

1. Click on the start button

2. Choose Control Panel

3. Choose Uninstall a Program

4. Select Skype Click to Call (make sure you don’t remove the actual Skype program unless you really want to get rid of Skype completely)

5. Click the Remove button.

As soon as the program is removed from your computer, the Skype formatting should go away with it.

Note: You may need to vary these steps slightly, depending on the version of Windows you are using,

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