Hiding time from other contacts in Skype

Hi Guys,

A friend of mine asked me this question, so I thought I should write about it.

I asked him why he don’t want to show his timezone to others, He just replied with 2 reason

  1. He don’t want some anonymous one to know that he is working off late. He said he already changed his location to something else. (hmm.. fishy stuff :))
  2. Second reason he gave me was that of sheer privacy. Oh well! I couldn’t understand what he meant there

Anyways here is how you hide you time that appears besides you photo when you chat with someone.


Click on your Name from Top left corner of Skype window and then click on Profile tab on the right as shown below

Skype hide Time

You can also Goto Skype menu > Profile >Edit your profile to bring up the same window on the right

Ok now Scroll down where it says Time

As shown below

Now click on Where it says Contacts only and set it to “Private – Visible only to you” as shown below

Skype hide time

Ta! Da!

You’re done! No one can see you computer time now. You can also bluff someone by changing the timezone by clicking My Computers’s and then selecting a different timezone to your current one. That will send different time to your contacts ?

This is when you want to hide yourself from you wife when you said you are going to Adelaide for a meeting but you went to Perth ? but of course you ticket will say it all when she demands it.

I hope this tip helps.

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