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One of the benefits – and drawbacks – of Microsoft products are all the subscription and feature options. Any casual user of Excel or PowerPoint understands the fact that Microsoft software applications are known for offering multiple shortcuts and ways to conduct tasks.

Microsoft subscriptions are just as complex, and they’re adjusted for marketplace demands and feedback from customers. Microsoft listens closely to what customers want which drives them to focus on building a better product constantly. This means you have a lot of subscription options under the Office 365 packaging but also under Skype, which is now owned by Microsoft.

This article will help you understand Skype for Business Basic, including some of the software’s best features included in this subscription service.

Skype for Business Basic vs. Skype

The free Skype app was designed for individual users. It’s also sometimes called Skype Meetings. It doesn’t fall under the Office 365 suite of productivity tools, nor does it offer some of the features of Skype for Business Basic. Skype allows you to call any other Skype user for free by using the instant messaging feature. It has screen sharing and conference calling for up to 10 users. (After your first month, that drops to three.) You can also get a Skype phone number and pay for calls by the minute. The application is really best for individuals or perhaps small businesses or startup companies.

Skype for Business includes a lot of the same features, including voice and video calls, IM, and screen sharing. But there are a lot more features under the hood of this version of Skype. For example, advanced call routing is a particularly important tool for the typical business, and the more advanced version of Skype offers it. Even better, you can video conference up to 250 people simultaneously. The consumer version of Skype lacks this functionality. 

Skype for Business is offered as part of the Microsoft Office 365 online subscription service that includes all of the productivity tools you’re probably already using.

Skype for Business Basic lacks the connection to Microsoft Office. As a stand-alone service, it offers video and audio conferencing along with some call functionality and screen sharing. It does not offer the advanced Skype Meeting Broadcast that is standard with the Office 365 functionality. Skype Meeting Broadcast lets users broadcast to up to 10,000 people! Skype for Business Basic also lacks some of the fun features – like Facebook integration and whiteboarding. Skype for Business Basis is basically more like GoToMeeting in terms of functionality.

So, which do you choose? Here’s the rub – there are at least nine different versions of Skype available for download. If you’re currently using the Microsoft Office suite of products, it will probably make the most sense to subscribe to Office 365, which will unlock all of the features of Skype for Business. Or, if you have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint already installed on your devices, Skype for Business Basic would unlock important business functions that you’ll probably appreciate.

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