Get Skype for Business for Mac

Follow the steps outlined below to get Skype for Business for Mac.

1. Go to

2. Where prompted, enter as your organizational account, replacing login with your BU login name. Then Sign in. You should not (and will not be able to) provide a password at this point.


3. After you have signed in, you will be redirected to an additional (adfs) prompt. At that point, you should again provide your e-mail address in the form, and this time you should provide the password you normally use to access e-mail.


4. From the landing page, go to the upper right and select Install Software.

5. Then, select Skype for Business on the left under Software.

6. Click the Install button this will download the installer to your machine (normally your Download).

7. Go to folder where you just downloaded the installer, launch the installer and go through the install process.

8.Click OK. Then, as shown below, in the Skype for Business for Mac sign-in window, provide your email address ( and the password you use to access email, then click Sign-in.



If you experience any problems, see Troubleshooting Skype for Business sign-in errors or submit a Help request for assistance.

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