Microsoft is working hard on its new operating system, Windows 10, and speaking of which, another annoying bug has been found in Windows 10 Technical Preview. Bear in mind that Windows 10 Technical Preview is still work in progress, and there are some bugs available.

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One of the majors bugs is related to Skype, and this bug will prevent the app from loading in the Modern UI environment. As far as we know, there is a compatibility issue between the newer builds of Skype and the preview version of Windows 10, and due to this issue Skype client crashes at launch. If you’re using Windows 10 Technical Preview, and you’re experiencing this problem, there is a simple workaround that will fix this problem. This could be a big problem for all those who want to stay in contact with their loved ones, but still don’t want to use Desktop version of the software.

Solution to this problem was delivered by Gabriel Aul, the Windows Insider Program lead. In order to fix this issue you just need to give Skype permission to access the webcam from the PC Settings menu. To do this, close Skype and follow these simple instructions:

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