Skype is the most popular messaging application in the world, but besides instant messaging support this application also supports video and audio calls. Users reported that Skype audio isn’t working on Windows 10, so let’s see how to fix this problem.

Skype audio not working on Windows 10, how to fix it?

Fix – Skype audio not working Windows 10

Solution 1 – Make sure that your speakers and microphone are properly configured

Usually problems with audio in Skype are due to your configuration, so you’ll have to set the proper audio device and microphone in Skype. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open Skype.
  2. Go to Tools > Options.
  3. Navigate to the Audio settings tab.
  4. Be sure that Microphone and Speakers are properly set. If you want, you can test both microphone and speakers from Skype. If your speakers and microphone passed the test, it means that they are properly configured and working in Skype.
  5. Click Save to save changes.

According to users, sometimes an update can change your default speakers or microphone, so be sure to check if your audio device is properly configured in Skype.

Solution 2 – Use Microsoft’s default audio driver

If you have audio issues in Skype, it might because your audio driver isn’t fully compatible with Skype. To fix this problem users are suggesting to use the default Microsoft driver instead. If you want to switch back to the default driver, you’ll have to uninstall your current driver. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + X to open Power User Menu and choose Device Manager from the list.
  2. Once Device Manager opens, locate your audio device, right click it and choose Uninstall.
  3. If available, check Delete the driver software for this device and click OK.
  4. After you delete the driver, restart your PC.
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When your PC restarts, the default driver will be installed and problems with Skype audio should be fixed.

Solution 3 – Update your audio drivers

Users reported that you can fix Skype audio issues simply by downloading and installing the latest drivers for your audio device. You can download the latest drivers from your motherboard or sound card manufacturer’s website. Users reported issues with Realtek drivers, but even if you don’t use Realtek sound card you might want to try updating your audio drivers.

All your drivers need to be updated, but doing it manually is very annoying, so we recommend you to download this driver updater tool to do it automatically.

Solution 4 – Change your microphone settings

If you’re having Skype audio issues, you might be able to fix them by changing your microphone settings. You can do that by following these steps:

  1. Right click the audio icon on your Taskbar and choose Recording Devices from the menu.
  2. Locate your microphone and double click it to open its properties.
  3. Go to Advanced tab and make sure that Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device is not enabled.
  4. Click Apply and OK.

Solution 5 – Restart Windows Audio service

Sometimes Skype audio issues can be caused by Windows Audio service, and in order to fix this issue you need to restart it. This is a simple procedure and you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + R and enter services.msc. Press Enter or click OK.
  2. When Services window opens, locate Windows Audio service, right click it and choose Restart from the menu. If the Restart option isn’t available, just try stopping and starting the service manually.

Solution 6 – Update / reinstall Skype

According to users, you can fix this problem simply by installing the latest version of Skype. If you already have the latest version installed, you might want to switch back to the older version of Skype and check if that fixes the issue for you.

In addition to updating, users also suggest that you reinstall Skype and delete all Skype-related registry entries. To do that, you can uninstall Skype and manually remove all Skype entries from your registry. Manually deleting entries from the registry isn’t the best or the most practical solution, so you might want to use Revo Uninstaller or a similar tool to completely remove Skype from your PC. After you remove Skype, try reinstalling it and check if that fixes the problem.

If you’re still having issues on your PC or you simply want to avoid them for the future, we recommend you to download this tool to fix various PC problems, such as file loss, malware and hardware failure. It will also optimize your PC for maximum performance.

If Skype audio isn’t working that can be a big problem because you won’t be able to perform Skype calls with your friends, but we hope that one of our solution helped you fix this issue.


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