Firefox Icon went missing in Windows 7? Here’s a Fix

As everyone else has said. This was one great tip. Many thanks. And it taught me tons about some subtleties of Windows. Some thoughts about improving the post below …

Suggest these lines for the CMD work:

cd /d “%userprofile%\AppData\Local”

del IconCache.db /a=s


As someone else mentioned, you need the double quotes in cd command.

And as I discovered, the del a/ needs to be /a=s to delete the system file.

Someone else asked why this is done in CMD line. It’s because killing Explorer process kills your taskbar and Start icon so CMD gives you a way to delete the file. I’m only guessing, but perhaps the idea was that the IconCache.db was being accessed by Explorer and could not be deleted for sure while that process was alive.

Someone else said they were able to do the delete with Explorer. So I don’t know. Maybe that would work every time. Maybe not.

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