Where is the source code of neard.exe ?


is based on Aestan Tray Menu 1.6.2. You can download the source code here : aetraymenu_src.zip Neard uses the exe and the ini file to generate the tray menu.

How to upgrade from a previous release ?

Neard is a portable application and does not provide a setup at this time. To upgrade from a previous release, you have to follow the instructions in the Upgrade notes page.

Why Neard icon in the system tray is yellow or red ?

Neard icon has 3 states :

  • : All enabled services are started
  • : One or more enabled services are stopped
  • : All enabled services are stopped

To check from the Services Manager, click Start > Run and type services.msc and check the status of Neard* services :

Warning icon in Apache / PHP versions menu ?

Apache 2.4.20 does not seem to be compatible with PHP 5.2.17

The error message explains himself why you have a warning icon when you want to switch version. Please read Apache compatibility table page.

What is the default password for root user on MySQL / MariaDB ?

By default, there is no password for root user.

How to use MySQL and MariaDB simultaneously with PHP ?

By default MySQL is started on port 3306 and MariaDB on port 3307. Here is an example using PDO to access a database named wordpress installed on MySQL and MariaDB :

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