Export Skype Contacts With the Help of Perfect Solution

Shayadri Sharma | October 9th, 2017 | Tips


: The article provides a solution on two things i.e., how to export Skype contacts and then, view them without its supportive program installation. The provided approaches do not require spending of dollars to acquire or implement them. This means that measures are available totally for free.

What is Skype : Have A Quick Glance

Export Skype Contacts

Skype is like a communication means for carrying out things together, whenever we are far. It has now become simple and easy to share the experience and work through Skype chats, videos, and voice. In today’s arena, it is possible to conduct business meetings, video conference, celebrate a birthday, etc., without any physical presence at the location.

Users Query

Following queries were given by Skype users who want contacts from this communicating app due to one or the another purpose :

“I need to export Skype contacts from my son’s system and explore them on my machine. I am unaware from the measure for the same. Is anyone there who can help me out in this?”

“My manager has provided me with a folder having Skype vCard files. He has asked me to explore few contacts information from that list. But, the issue is that this file is not getting supported by any of the program installed on my system. Please suggest me an approach to explore these VCF contacts  file.”

How to Export Skype Contacts?

Till now, we have learned about the Skype contacts and its importance. But, sometimes a situation occurs in which users look for a solution to extract address book from Skype. So, following instructions will help readers in doing the same for further use :

1. Open the Skype program and go to Contacts >> Advanced >> Backup Contacts to a file 2. A ‘Save File’ wizard appears in which you have to locate towards the location where vCard file is to be stored 3. Click on drag-down menu of Save As Type and choose *.vcf option from the list 4. At last, hit on Save button to finally export contacts from Skype in VCF format

Note: You can repeat Step (1) to (4), if there are more than one contacts to be saved in vCard format.

Now, finally you have saved the Skype contacts in VCF format. But, a question arises that if any machine is not having vCard supportive programs then, how will one open and view it? Don’t worry, here we are also offering a free solution to view VCF files on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and all below versions.

View Contacts in Skype

The solution requires downloading and installation of a freeware i.e., vCard file viewer. Once you are done with this, follow below set of instructions :

1. Open VCF file viewer on your PC and proceed to Step (2)

2. Click on Add File / Add Folder button, depending upon the quantity of VCF files to be viewed

3. Browse the vCard files from machine where software is installed

4. View all the contacts detail with their related attributes and images too

The free viewer exhibits many astonishing features to expand vCard file. Following highlighted points will help you in learning benefits of using this free VCF file viewer :

  • Preview contact attributes with images of all vCard files
  • Deeply explore and view a single as well as multiple VCF
  • Smart feature to open damaged vCard file and view its data
  • Explorer works with VCF file of version 2.1 / 3.0 / 4.0 only

Time to Wrap Up

The blog assists readers with a step-by-step approach to export Skype contacts. Users can use this measure and save contacts of Skype in the VCF file format. After successfully exporting vCard on the machine, an individual can freely view it in absence of the parent application. This is possible just by utilizing VCF file viewer, which is a Windows-based freeware to open and read vCard files.

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