Examining Lync’s Connection Tools

I’m kicking off a new series of posts this week. We’re examining the connection tools available to Lync Server and Lync Online administrators.

These tools are made to help you identify many different connection & issues between clients, Lync Servers, Exchange, the PSTN and so on. As such, they’re extremely important for new Lync systems. Help you iron out any kinks lingering in the connections.

In the “Examining Lync’s Connection Tools” series, we’ll cover:

  • Online Directory Synchronization
  • OCSUMUtil

(Not necessarily in this order.)

Today we’re focusing on TRIPP.

What Does TRIPP Mean?

TRIPP stands for Transport Reliability IP Probe.

It’s meant for use with Lync Online subscribers.

When You Need to Use It

At some point, every Lync user has experienced a garbled call or a video conference that lost picture. When you experience poor audio or video quality in Lync Online, TRIPP will help you locate the problem.

What TRIPP Does – Tests Connection Quality

TRIPP runs a trio of tests on your Internet connection to the Lync Online datacenter. These tests measure connection speed, bandwidth, available ports, routing, and so on. TRIPP looks for potential obstacles to a good solid VoIP connection, such as packet loss, jitter, closed ports or bad routes.

Where to Find TRIPP

TRIPP is an online tool. (Handy; no install required.) Microsoft has placed it on several websites. Use the one closest to you from this list:

  • Blue Ridge, VA: http://trippbl2.online.lync.com
  • San Antonio, TX: http://trippsn2.online.lync.com
  • Amsterdam, NL: http://trippams.online.lync.com
  • Dublin, IE: http://trippdb3.online.lync.com
  • Hong Kong: http://tripphkn.online.lync.com
  • Singapore: http://trippsg1.online.lync.com

What Kind of Information TRIPP Gives You

I ran a test on my own connection to the Singapore TRIPP page. Now, I don’t use Lync Online, and Singapore’s pretty far away from California. I did this just so we could see the potentialities of connection trouble.

Here are my TRIPP results:

The Consistency of Service result was 59%. It’s marked in yellow. Which means TRIPP thinks my connection to the Lync Online service is all right for VoIP, but calls may break up now & then.

Everything else is green – good to go!

Like many other Microsoft tools, TRIPP focuses on a specific type of issue: Voice over IP connection speed and quality for Lync Online. Lync Server’s connections must be tested by another tool.

We’ll get to that as the Connection Tools series continues! Join us here next week for the next post.

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