This past school year, Squid Acres used SKYPE in the classroom to link with classes throughout the season from all over the world. It was a test season to see if our satellite technology would work adequately and it proved to be a success. We visited approximately 30 schools from here at our training camp in Eureka via SKYPE for free and had a blast doing it.  In the spring of 2015, we are planning an expedition by dogteam across Northern Alaska. The journey will include a few northern villages and many miles of arctic wilderness. We hope to connect to a few schools directly while on this journey both in person and via Skype!  To find out more information on SKYPE in the classroom, click on the logo above. Check out a blog entry about our first Skype in the classroom lesson.

Miss Galaghers classroom can be seen watching Paige model some cold weather mushing gear. Photo by Scott Chesney

This year we do not have any help at our kennel besides Paige and Cody. Training and planning for two 1000 mile races and a spring expedition take an enormous amount of time. We are sorry to say that we will have to put our SKYPE visits on hold for this winter and hopefully will be able to reinstate them in future winters if we have more help and time.

If your school would be interested in a special paid presentation, please let us know.

If you interested in connecting with us, please fill out the education contact form.

We look forward to seeing your class in the future via SKYPE!

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