Download Skype Portable

Skype Portable is just what it says: Skype, but portable. Unlike the classic Skype software, Skype Portable does not need to be installed onto your computer for use. It is able to run from any storage device you may have, whether that’s a flash drive, USB, or portable hard drive.

This portability is of great benefit for people who do not have a lot of space left on their computer. This is because Skype Portable does not require installation, so it doesn’t take up any memory space, need external libraries, or generate too  many temporary files for your operating system to deal with.

Skype Portable is very simple to use for people already signed up with Skype. It doesn’t have any restrictions and comes with the exact same functionality as classic Skype. You can sign in to your account, call other users, call land lines and mobile phones, start video conferences, send text messages, chat, and much more.

So try out Skype Portable. You will enjoy all the functions of classic Skype, but without all the restrictions.

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