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A few days back, there were reports of people spotting a Skype tile on some of the new Windows 8 devices launches. Microsoft has now officially unveiled Skype App for Windows 8. This app will be made available on October 26th – the same day Windows 8 will be released.

With the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft last year, users have always kept an eager watch on the developments, what with Skype being used by millions of people worldwide. The new Skype for Windows 8 app announced comes with its popular features and with a sleek, beautiful and modern design. The new Skype focuses on delivering a completely new Skype experience that is simpler, faster, immersive and easier to use also taking advantage of new features and functionality of Windows 8. Let us check some of its details.

Skype App for Windows 8

Once you have installed the Skype app from the Windows Store, it will appear on the Start screen as a live tile. Skype live tile shows if you have any missed call or have a new message waiting for you right on the Start screen.

You are always reachable with the new Skype for Windows 8 running seamlessly in the background without draining your battery. You will be more connected with your contacts and will be able to receive voice and video calls and chats, even if you are on another app or desktop. Skype IM notifications can be seen right on your Start screen.

Skype for Windows 8 notifies you when friends try to reach you, even if you are on another call.

The new Skype has a new modern dial pad making it easier for you to call landlines or mobile phones directly. It also shows how much Skype Credit you have and your recent calls.

Your recent activity, contacts and favorites, all can be accessed easily on the Skype Home Screen. Your recent chat messages, calls are right there alongside the people that you contact most often.

Taking advantage of the People app of Windows 8, the Skype app has been extended to the People App too. Thus Skype app brings your contacts front-and-center regardless of devices. The People app brings all your personal and work contacts together, alive with their social activities and photos. You can pin the most important people to the home screen so that a conversation is just a click or a tap away. All this makes your conversation more accessible and you can switch fluidly from chat to video or audio calls.

And with Windows 8, you can Snap Skype side-by-side with other Windows 8 apps. Thus multitasking, as you chat, you can browse, use maps or other apps along with it.

As you can see, its modern immersive full screen design, is as comfortable and easy to use with touch as it is with a keyboard and a mouse. As with a new app, Skype too welcomes users experience with this beautiful new Skype app.

As mentioned, Microsoft has said that Skype for Windows 8 will be made available from Oct 26. This can be found on the new Windows 8 device or can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

Check out a sneak peek of the new Skype for Windows 8 in the following video:

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