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Last Update: 11 August 2016 Skype for iPhone is one of the best audio and video calling app on iTunes. Skype is available for all versions of iPhone. If you using iOS 7 and above then you can use the latest version of the Skype for iPhone app from the iTunes. If you are using below iOS 7 then you need to download Skype for iPhone 4.17 which is available for free on iTunes. Skype is also the most popular app in social networking category. It’s available in multiple languages. Skype is also available for Apple watch. Skype for iOS 8 and Skype for iOS 9 are available for you to download in your newly purchased iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus or other SE models.

  • You can receive and send instant messages for free to your loved ones in Skype.
  • You can also send photos and video files for free.
  • Face to face video call can be done over a 3G, 4G and Wi-fi connection. In fact Skype is literally good sometimes over a 2G connection also.
  • With the Skype’s, anti shake technology the video calling will be totally smooth. I totally love this feature.
  • You can also call other mobiles and landlines with Skype with low cost. You need to take credits in your account for that. It’s much cheaper than others.

System Requirements to install Skype for iPhone app from iTunes:

Downlaod Skype for iPhone for iOS 7 and Above

Skype for iPhone is available in following languages:

How to Use Skype for iPhone App across all Apple Devices

How to Make Video Calls?

In order to make any video or audio call, you need to allow your iPhone to give permission to use microphone by that app. If you won’t allow microphone permission then you won’t be able to receive or call. Instead you will get a message requesting you to grant access to microphone for Skype. You can allow permission by following simple steps :

In order to make video calls, you need an iPhone 3GS or newer. You will need to be using iOS 4.3 or higher. Also make sure that you are using the latest version of Skype for iPhone. Follow the simple steps below to make the video call:

During the video call you are provided with many options that you can use. Below are some of the options given on the app screen:

You can not share screens or involve in a group video call on iPhone. However you can share screens on Skype on Windows and Skype on Mac.

How to Make Audio Calls?

  1. Click on Skype in your iPhone.
  2. Click on PEOPLE option on top of the app.
  3. Click the contact whom you want to call.
  4. Click the call button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Suppose somebody is calling you then you will see a green call button. Simply tap the button to receive the call.

How to call on Mobiles and Landlines

Check out the below links to understand more about credit and Subscription.

If you have taken credit or monthly subscription then you can follow the below simple steps to call on mobiles and landlines using the Dialpad:

If you want to call the person from inside the Skype contacts then follow below steps. However it will only work if they have an associated phone number or landline in their account.

You can also call contacts from your iPhone contacts/iPod contacts. All you need to do is follow below 3 simple steps.

How can you Start or join a Group Call?

To start the group call you need to follow the given steps below:

2. Click on NEW CHAT icon   and select the contacts whom you want to add in the group from the contact list shown.

3.  Once the whole group is setup then click on the call icon  and Skype will call all your friends. When everyone is connected then you are all set to talk.

Skype is available for iPads too. You need to have iOS 5 and above on your device. You can do same functions  on your iPad too. It feels the same. You can also do video messaging in iPad.

If you have opened this link through your iPad then click on the above link. If you haven’t then open playstore on your iPad and search for Skype for iPad and download it. Sign in with your Skype ID. If you don’t have one then register a new one. Add your friends and start chatting or calling right away. If you know your friends Skype ID then you can search the same in the Skype.

Here are few things that you may want to know about Skype for Business-

Most f you must be already using Skype to stay in touch with friends and family in your life, you will be happy with the video/voice calls and more over the simplicity of the application would have impressed the most. But now it’s time for us to get impressed by the power and simplicity of the new “Skype for Business”.

If you’re a regular user of the commercial version of Skype, then the “Skype for Business” will look very familiar to you.

If you’ve used Lync, you’ll recognize all of the features you already use but in a fresh new interface with simplified controls and some new additions. So now the question is what’s new! Let me list out few of the things which stand out.

New look and feel: This new look of “Skype for Business” is the main attraction and user friendly.

Skype for Business Contacts list of course has all the essential Lync features are still there like the Quick Actions buttons, which let you IM or call a contact and more with just one click or tap.

Call from Skype for Business using your desk phone for audio: If permitted for your organisation, you can integrate Skype for Business with your organizations non-unified communications (UC) phone system, and then select your desk phone or your computer to place calls from. This lets you use Skype for Business to control your desk phone. In order to integrate your desk phone with Skype for Business Go to view Phones options, and then enable integration with your phone system by checking the check box.

Integration with the Skype directory: Skype for Business users can connect via the Internet with of millions of Skype user’s from the Skype for Business user interface.

If the person you are looking for is in your organization, keep the My Contacts tab selected.

You can also search using their email address or Microsoft account

The Call Monitor window will be visible during an audio/video call whenever the main conversation window is minimized. To show the full conversation window again, double-click the Call Monitor.


Screen shot of the call quality rating dialog

Quick access to call controls: Access to the dial pad and call controls is much improved. For public switched telephone network (PSTN) calls, the dial-pad and call controls remain visible throughout the call.

Emoticons: Skype for Business now has the same set of emoticons found in the consumer version of Skype. You can turn off emoticons in Skype for Business by going to Options > IM. Screen shot showing available emoticons and the control for turning them on and off

Skype across Devices: Connect with your team or organization from anywhere using your mobile apps across all platforms like Windows, iOS and Android, is enabled by the new Skype for Business also bringing remote participants into meeting of all sizes with Skype for Business has provided the complete Meeting Solution

New Skype-for Business iOS app. The new Skype for Business for iOS app brings instant messaging (IM), and voice and video calling to your mobile device. Now the Skype-for Business iOS app is launched to the public, will automatically update the Lync app that was previously installed on users’ iPhones or iPads. Also the new version will resolve some of the issues had experienced by the user earlier.

What’s new about this app.

If don’t have Lync then you can install Skype for Business for iOS

Now you have your all new Skype for Business on your iPhone. The new Skype for business with its new look and simplified controls

Skype for Business runs on iOS 8.0 and later.

  • Open Skype for Business on your iOS device.
  • On, under Upcoming section of main screen, tap the meeting you want to join.
  • Upcoming meetings screen with one meeting highlighted.
  • You can also click the meetings button to see all the items on your calendar.
  • Select the meeting that you want to join, and then click Join Meeting.
  • If this is an online meeting, you’ll see a Quick Join button.
  • Click on it to go straight to the meeting. The Quick Join button is not currently available on iPad.
  • You’ll be connected to audio or video using VoIP either by using Wi-Fi or your cellular data plan.
  • If you have Skype for Business calls you on your mobile phone and you can accept the Skype for Business call to join the meeting. This happens only when the voice and video call options are switched on n and your device isn’t connected to network.
  • If not you can join a Skype for Business meeting or conference call by phone.
  • You can even dial in to the meeting from any phone by dialing in the “Join by Phone numbers” given in the list in the meeting invitation.

The is something g called “Meeting Lobby”

Skype problem with recording device

Skype app for iPhone Download Instructions are Given at the bottom.

  1. Make a Test call – Calling Skype test call is the best way to see if your microphone is working properly or not. Call Echo123 and record your message. If you can hear your voice after the beep then it means your microphone is configured properly. If you don’t then you have some other problem.
  2. Check You Microphone – It depends what kind of microphone is being used by you. Is it build in mic, a wireless mic or some other type? If it’s a built in then make sure it’s not muted in the Skype itself which will create a problem. If it’s wireless then check for low batteries which create bad connection or no connection at all.
  3. Check Sound settings – If you are using Windows 10 or any other version then you should head over to sound settings in Control panel and check for recording tab. You should see whether microphone is enabled or not. Enable it and boost it to 100% percent. If you are using Macbook then open your settings and go to audio settings inside it. Check for microphone settings. Check for Skype iPhone Sound Settings here.

You can watch below 2 videos for more clarity on fixing skype recording device problem:

2. Fix Skype Recording Device Problem on Macbook 

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