Download Skype 6.10

The Internet can now also be used as an outlet for making calls, thanks to VolP utilities.  Skype is a VolP application for making free calls over the Internet, as well as for video conferencing and text messaging.

Skype is the best program for making free VolP Internet calls.  Never before has it been so easy to make calls.  All you need is your computer, an Internet connection, and a free Skype account.  Add your contacts to the list and talk to them easily.


  • With Skype you can also call landline and mobile phone numbers with the low-cost calling plans it offers.
  • Contact any other Skype user for free.
  • Enjoy Skype for free with group video communication between several people.
  • Transfer calls to other Skype users or even to a phone number.
  • Share content from your PC screen with your friends and co-workers.
  • Voice mail and answering machine to take calls when you’re not using the program.
  • Send and receive all kinds of files, documents and presentations.
  • Associate your Skype account with your Facebook profile to keep informed of any news and updates, and also to send messages via the social network.

Reducing the distance

Skype is a fantastic product that will allow you to talk with your friends and family from a distance without great costs.  Skype developers have even released versions for different mobile phones like iPhone or Blackberry so that you can have a conversation without being tied to a PC.

Making your life easier

To start using Skype, simply log in to your profile with your credentials and take a look at your list of contacts.  You can start a conversation or a video call by simply clicking on a contact’s name.  In addition, other features make it even easier to make contacts, such as “click”, a feature that lets you directly call any phone number found on the web by simply clicking on it.

You can download Skype for free to reduce the distance separating you from your loved ones, with just a simple free phone call.

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