Desktop Skype gets an update for sharing media and URL previews

As we continue to wait for the integrated Skype apps for Windows 10, the desktop version of the popular communications software is continuing to move forward in development and features.

Today Skype version 7.16 was released for users of the desktop version of Skype and it introduces two new features.

First is a new media toolbar that enables quicker access to tools for sharing images, videos, files or contacts in a conversation. Depending on the available screen real estate it automatically minimizes itself so you have plenty of typing room in the conversation window.

Just click on the paperclip to maximize it manually or click in the typing area of the conversation windows to close it.

Skyp Media Toolbar Collapsed

Skype Media Toolbar Collapsed

Skype Media Toolbar Expanded

Skype Media Toolbar Expanded

The other new feature in this update is support for URL previews. Currently any shared URL just displays as blue hyperlinked text but once your account has received the rollout of this feature it will display a more rich display/image of the linked URL you shared.

Skype URL Preview (Image via Microsoft)

Skype URL Preview (Image via Microsoft)

You can update your installation of Skype by going to Help>Check for updates or by directly downloading the update directly from this link.

I used the first method to grab the update but my installation was only updated to version 7.15 so I ended up doing the direct download to get the 7.16 update.

More info is available on the Skype Garage and Updates blog.

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