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Skype can be used to make PC-to-phone calls, to either landlines or to cell/mobile phones. There are a few different ways to pay for Skype calls to a regular phone line, namely by purchasing one of a number of Skype Monthly Subscriptions or by purchasing Skype Credit for calls at “Pay As You Go” rates. Depending on your calling habits, choosing one of these payment options could be considerably less expensive for you, when compared to choosing a different option.

Each available Skype Monthly Subscription is discussed here, and monthly costs are compared between Monthly Subscriptions and Pay As You Go. These comparisons are done for a wide range of common calling habits, based on total monthly calls and average outgoing PC-to-phone call length. Save money by selecting the right plan for your calling habits. The comparison charts here are for calls made to the United States (from anywhere), but similar conclusions can be made for the cheapest option for Skype calls to other countries.

Skype Charges

For calls to the USA (including Guam and Puerto Rico), Skype Monthly Subscriptions are available in the following options for PC-to-phone calls:

> Unlimited Calls: $6.99 USD/month > 400 Minutes Per Month: $4.99 USD/month (equal to $0.012/min or 1.2 cents/min) > 120 Minutes Per Month: $2.09 USD/month (equal to $0.017/min or 1.7 cents/min) > 60 Minutes Per Month: $1.09 USD/month (equal to $0.018/min or 1.8 cents/min)

No connection fee is charged for calls included in a Skype Monthly Subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased for 1, 3, or 12 months.

For calls to the USA (including Guam and Puerto Rico) made with Skype Credit at Pay As You Go rates, the following charges apply:

> Per minute charge: $0.023/min or 2.3 cents/min. > Connection fee (per call): $0.039/call or 3.9 cents/call.

There are no limits on the number of calls with Skype Monthly Subscriptions or Skype Credit.

How to Read the Cost Comparison Charts

Each cost comparison chart shows total monthly costs (including total connection fees) for different caller-types. These different caller-types are based on two factors: the total number of calls you make per month and the average call length. It’s probably difficult for you to know exactly how often and how long your calls are, so this is intended as just a guide based on your general calling habits.

For each caller-type, and depending on how the monthly costs compare between “Pay As You Go” and the subscription, the monthly cost for each caller-type is labelled as follows:

Skype Cost Comparisons: Subscriptions vs “Pay As You Go”

The charts below show the costs for a wide variety of calling habits, for each of the Skype Monthly Subscriptions mentioned above. Depending on how you plan to use Skype to make PC-to-phone calls, one of the available payment methods (Monthly Subscription or Pay As You Go) may turn out to be a significantly less expensive option. All prices are in US dollars.

Unlimited Calls: $6.99 USD per month


400 Minutes Per Month: $4.99 USD/month (equal to $0.012/min or 1.2 cents/min)


120 Minutes Per Month: $2.09 USD/month (equal to $0.017/min or 1.7 cents/min)


60 Minutes Per Month: $1.09 USD/month (equal to $0.018/min or 1.8 cents/min)


Note: If you exceed your subscription’s total included minutes for the month, you will not be able to make further calls without Skype Credit. After exceeding your subscription’s total included minutes for the month, calls to the USA will be charged at Pay As You Go rates, and the price will be deducted from your Skype Credit (if you have purchased any). If you call countries not included in your subscription, you must have also purchased Skype Credit, and calls will be charged at Pay As You Go rates.

Still Undecided Between Skype Credit or Subscription?

If you are undecided about which option is for you, a Skype Monthly Subscription or Skype Credit (for calls at Pay As You Go rates), then you may want to act on a trial basis by purchasing a small amount of Skype Credit. Track your Skype Credit usage over one month or so, then you can decide if Skype Credit is the right choice for you, or if a Skype Monthly Subscription would save you more money.

If you find that you are using too much Skype Credit too fast, then you can still sign up for a Skype Monthly Subscription at any time and you will keep all of your unused Skype Credit. This unused Skype Credit could then be used for making calls outside of your subscription (outside of the USA) or for sending text messages (SMS messages). Does Skype Credit expire?

Skype Credit remains active for 180 days after your last use of a product or feature that uses credit. So making a single call, or sending a single text message will ensure your Skype Credit is active for a further 180 days.

Or if you sign up for a subscription, you can always cancel your subscription, but you will not receive a refund and it will continue to be active until the end of the subscription period.

Visit your subscription settings page (you have to sign in first) and click Cancel subscription. Note your subscription will continue to work up to the date when the next recurring payment would have been taken.

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