Recording Conversations


Pamela for Skype allows you to record a live conversation between you and another peer over Skype. Each conversation is stored in an audio file with a maximum 15 minutes capacity.  There is no limit on amount of recorded trials. You must download Pamela for Skype prior to using this device.

Note: You can download Pamela for Skyp at:


  • Record live audio and video calls
  • Store audio file
  • Email forwarding audio files

Recording Skype Conversations with Pamela

1. LOG-IN to Skype 

Image 1

2. CLICK on person you will talk with on Skype under contacts

Image 2

3. CLICK on the person’s image

4. CLICK on green “CALL” button in right hand box

Image 3

4. CLICK “Yes” on the following message: “CALL RECORDING: Do you want to start recording of this call?”

Image 4

5. Your conversation is now being recorded

Image 5

Storing Audio File

1. When recording is complete, CLICK the red button to disconnect.  

Image 6

  • Pamela for Skype interface will open upon completing conversation.

2. Under SKYPE RECORDINGS find desired audio file.

3. Click on desired audio file to ensure you will save the correct file.

4. Identify the date and time of file.

Image 7

5. RIGHT CLICK over audio files for menu tools


Image 8

  • Folder with Pamela for Skype files will open. 

Image 9


7. Identify the desired recorded audio file.

8. DRAG AND DROP the audio file to desired location


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