I offer many different packages and would prefer to speak with you one-on-one about which one would work best for you before I completely break down everything. But here are some basic packages.

Hourly, Phone, Skype, In Person, and Wing Girl sessions offered.

  • Phone: $75/hr
  • Skype: $125/hr
  • In Person: $200/hr
  • Wing Girl session is a flat fee of $300

Multiple Session Packages

Chelsea Penner
  • 3 Phone and 1 Skype package: $300
  • 4 Skype sessions: $425
  • 3 Skype sessions and 1 In Person: $525
  • 3 Wing Girl sessions: $800

Package includes but not limited to …

Full Immersion Package

Price starts at $5,000 for three full days and nights, domestic. Prices vary for international. I can give you a quote for more time or multiple full immersion sessions. Contact to see if you qualify.

Testimonials coming soon! I wish clients would let me record our interactions. They have been shy so far. I’ll give post-coaching sessions analysis for free to anyone that allows me to! Act now! Contact me and we’ll make you a lady magnet in no time.

Match Making

I have modeled for over 12 years so my network is extensive. I am also a well rounded and educated woman so I have mostly been surrounded by women that have a lot to offer, full package women. Women from all over the world are in my network. The first step is speaking with you to get to know who you are so I can best describe you to the women. Then I ask you/my clients a list of qualifying questions, we determine the cities/mileage you are compatible with, age, looks, habits, professions, etc. I also know which woman are willing to move to what city as well and what kind of man they are looking for. As a woman, it’s easier for me to reach other women for business that are typically “unreachable” to most random men approaching to expand my network based on your/my client’s criteria. There are various prices;

  • $1,500 retainer will bring you at least 2 qualified and interested woman after seeing your pictures & learning about you. I can connect you via Skype for initial chat. You will also approve their basic credentials and pictures.

In all packages you will get you feedback on how you are coming across to women and basic dating coaching.

  • $1,500 after you land a date to prove my work.
  • $2,500 retainer will land you 4 qualifying women.
  • $1,000 per date you land to prove my work.
  • $4,000 retainer will land you 6 qualified woman to speak to via Skype.
  • $600 per date you land to prove my work.

This is not an escort service, these women will not be paid. This is strictly a match-making service that includes dating coaching. The retainer has a money back guarantee after the roll out time frame. This service also provided for female clients. Please contact me with any questions and we can discuss more in detail your specific requests.

As of now I do not have a book but I plan on writing one. In the meantime, these are my top choices for most.

Here are links to podcasts I’m featured in for Dating Coaching:–dia-hicks-chelsea-penner

Chelsea Penner

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