Cannot make a Call even after purchasing Skype Credit

Skype users can sometimes experience unusual problems like, even after purchasing Skype Credit and making payment via debit or credit card, they cannot make any calls. Skype credit account shows zero balance. Normally, it takes few seconds or minutes for Skype Credit to appear in your balance after making a purchase, but occasionally it can take longer. If Skype subscription is not working or Skype credit not showing up in the app or if you are not able to make a call even after Skype Credit purchase, here are few steps that you can try as a workaround to beat the problem.

Cannot make a Call after purchasing Skype Credit

First, ensure that your order has been Delivered. Sign in to your account and click Show purchase history. You can see the order number and the status (e.g. Pending, Delivered).

Next, check that your Skype Credit balance is positive. You may need to sign out of Skype for the balance to refresh. Click Skype, navigate to ‘Sign Out’ and sign in again with your Skype Name and password.

If you find your balance is negative, purchase Skype Credit.

For this, go here, sign in to your account and select Buy Credit as shown in the screenshot below.

If you’ve bought Skype Credit before, select Add Skype Credit under your profile picture. Select the amount you’d like to buy, then select Continue.

Here, do not forget to select your billing country and payment method from the drop-down lists, before proceeding further. If you’ve paid for Skype products earlier and saved your payment method, you’ll be automatically directed to your stored payment methods.

Here, you can select the desired payment method or enter a new one. If it’s your first time purchasing a Skype product, enter your billing details and select Pay now. Then, simply follow the instructions to complete the payment.

If you had already made the payment and still experiencing the problem for no known reasons, simply close the Skype application and restart again.

Please note that performing a restart is not the same as signing out. Signing out won’t actually refresh your balance.

Then, attempt to place a call. In most cases it has been observed that where a balance has not updated after a purchase, making a call triggered the update. Thereafter, your order can be delivered and your balance updated. The Skype Credit will be operational and visible on all skype apps.

It is important to note here that if you have bought a subscription to call one or more countries, this will not show up on your Skype Credit balance. It will be displayed as a delivered order in your account.

If you find the problem still persists despite trying all solutions, you can try contacting our chat support. Live Chat allows you to use instant messaging to contact Microsoft Skype Customer Services team via its website.

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