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Skype VoIP Overview

The most common question we get is… what is Skype?

Here is the simplified explanation: Skype allows people, like yourself, to communicate (chat, sms, phone, video) over the internet to anyone else (anywhere in the world) who happens to also have Skype – for free!

Sound simple? Well, it is. All you need is your computer and the Skype download.

In our opinion, the greatest feature of Skype is the ability to call anyone in the world through VoIP technology. But what if you want to call somebody who doesn�t have Skype? Not a problem either! All you have to do is use SkypeOut, which is a feature that allows you to call landline or mobile phone numbers. And if somebody wants to call you, but that person doesn�t have Skype? That�s where SkypeIn comes into play, allowing you to receive calls from traditional phones. A small Skype fee is charged for calls made using SkypeIn and SkypeOut — but fees are much lower than standard international call rates.

So… now that you know what is Skype… the question is why? [Read Full Skype Article]

Skype Knowledge Base

From time to time, you might run into a Skype question that you might not know the answer to. We have developed an online Skype Knowledge Base for such questions. Here are a few sample articles in the knowledge base:

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