Block Skype ads in Windows 10

Skype is one of the most useful communication apps out there, but it tends to display deeply annoying ads from time to time. Here’s how to block them – works on all recent Windows, including Windows 10.

As much as everyone dislikes advertising, the reality is that it is a reliable way to make money from a free app. Most people aren’t willing to pay for a monthly subscription, so software companies opt for display ads. New ad-blocking services make it even difficult for them to make money, as tech-savvy users find ways to block ads even though they’re using the app for free. I think it’s selfish behavior! Though, yes, it should force advertisers to improve the quality of their ads, so that they don’t push users to install ad blockers.

Windows Clan itself runs solely on ads and a passion for writing. We don’t charge readers for anything, except for their attention. No other model for publishers really works online.

Our audience is a tech-savvy one, so today we’re going to discuss how to block those pesky ads in Skype. This is particularly useful for PC gamers who use Skype for voice chat. Gamers don’t like being interrupted while they’re gaming, after all.

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Add Skype’s ad domain to restricted sites


The simplest method to blocking ads in Skype is to restrict part of their website from loading at all on your Windows PC. Skype ads are sent out from, so by blocking this domain, you can remove ads from your Skype experience. It’s an eight-step process:

  1. Launch the Control Panel
  2. Go to Network and Internet
  3. Click on Internet Options
  4. Go to the Security tab
  5. Select the ‘Restricted sites’ zone. It’s the one with a red icon.
  6. Click on the ‘sites’ button next to Restricted sites.
  7. Type ‘’ to the form that asks you to ‘Add this website to the zone’.
  8. Click on ‘Add’

That’s it! Try restarting the Skype app on your Windows PC. There should not be any ads displayed in it.

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Alternative method for removing Skype ads

If this host-blocking method doesn’t work, consider changing your profile’s region to something like Antartica. Since ads are based on the country you’re in, you’ll see less or no ads at all if you select Antartica. Be prepared for the occasional “Sexy Penguins near you” ad, though.

This method has been tested working in 2016. Chances are Skype will change it some time from now. We’ll update this post, or write a new one if that happens. Until then, happy Skyping!

If anyone from the Skype team is reading this: improve the ads experience, guys.

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