Great product for a small price. Please watch my review for clips recorded with the device. In short though, the card captures high quality 1080p hd footage from an hdmi cable to your pc. However you may want to check your pc hardware because it only works on my low end laptop at a low video bit rate so just be warned but besides that it is a great device.

Now that i’m on windows 7, and i close chrome before starting my stream, i have no problems with the device. . This product really does a great job- i have a couple of issues with it. Firstly, the title is 1080p 60mbps- i instantly say 1080p 60 and assumed it was 1080p 60fps. It is 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps. Which is fine, i just misread the title. . But cannot help thinking they were clever with the marketing there. The other issue is software. It appears that on windows 8 and higher, there is a serious issue with microsoft skype and microsoft skype for business (previously microsoft lync)- where these products will crash so long as the required driver for this item is installed. Simmilally, i had issues with streaming software simply being unable to captureu from the card, without a few app restarts.

Easy setup and performs well. Well all i can say is easy (xbox 360) to set up and works perfectly with really decent quality recordings. Not tried all the features yet like live streaming but the bits i have tried work perfectly. Good communications from aver themselves who will email you will all the setup guides you need to get started. Almost wish i had splashed out a bit more and got the model which can record directly to usb rather than via laptop/pc.

I use the avermedia lgp lite to record gameplay on my playstation 4. Great results, and a great price. Here is an example of games i have recorded using this device – https://www.

  • Price to quality is worth it
  • Great product. But. check your PC meets requirements.
  • Excellent little device for it’s price
  • Definitely worth the price.
  • Works smooth, high quality videos.
  • This Capture card is brilliant for gameplay

AVerMedia – Live Gamer Extreme (LGX), USB 3.0 Game Capture Card. Record and Stream in Full HD (1080p60) with Ultra Low Latency and Audio Mixing (GC550)

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  • Video Editing Card
  • Hardware Encoder

Fantastic unit except from a few annoyances. Ok, so this review is after 3 months of using this capture card. I wanted to give this enough testing and use before i wrote a review to help others make their minds up. I purchased this card as i wanted to record gameplay from my xbox one. I recently started a youtube channel (hf gaming in case you were wondering) and i wanted to expand my videos to consoles. I didn’t want to spend too much money right away. So after looking at all possible and affordable options, i went for this. I would recommend this to every new youtuber or gamer out there. I say new because there are some negatives to this which start to become more annoying as you make more videos. I’ll start with the good though.

Avermedia support are pretty hopeless too. Provided you don’t have a windows 10 laptop to run it on. I had to revert to using an old laptop that has windows 8 in order to get the thing to work. Avermedia support are pretty hopeless too. An email to them resulted in a request for more information all of which was provided, and there’s been radio silence from them ever since. A lot of googling resulted in numerous workarounds being suggested. I tried them all, and none of them worked. In the end, reverting back to an old windows 8 laptop gave me the experience i’d been expecting to get with my more powerful windows 10 machine. I’ve knocked a couple of stars off mainly because 1) nowhere is it made obvious that windows 10 is a no-go and 2) because avermedia support presumably knew this was the cause of the issues i was experiencing, but didn’t bother to inform me to that effect.

Mac support would be great, but it’s still pretty damn good. This is actually a really good product, custom qualities make it easier to record and playback dependent on your machine. (my machine can’t run 60fps 1080p videos because it’s not powerful enough). The quality’s really high, comes with lots of ways to record and stream from any console too, which decent audio routing options for beginners (but you can also use advanced audio interfaces like myself easily)the speed is actually great as well, if i put it on low quality, which is like 480p, 25-30fps, there’s really no noticeable delay, i can actually play competitively through my laptop screen. Not that i do, but it’s possible. When you whack the quality up, the delay increases and playing through your laptop wouldn’t be possible. It’s usb3, but it will work through a usb2 port, i think it’ll be a slight bit slower, but i use it without issue. Tons of streaming options, dead easy to set up and go straight through twitch. I just use this to record my call of duty competitive games though. Reason’s why i’m not giving 5 stars though:* install issues, on certain laptops (all samsung windows 7 fully updated), the drivers just wouldn’t install and work.

Good capture box, not for low spec pc’s due to video cpu load. . First of all keep an eye on the price for this product, it keeps jumping around and i was able to buy it at £49. 90this capture device is limited to hdmi only but it’s a nice piece of kit, the device takes the hdmi signal and turns it into a video format which you can then view using the software built for the box or other capture programs, you can choose how high or low the bitrate is for this captured video which in turn will change how much space is taken up on your computer when saving the video as you play. The big downside to this is that the chip inside this box is rather weak and does super fast encoding, this means two things, firstly if you set the bitrate too low (for example 2000kbps, same sort of bitrate you would stream to twitch or hitbox with) you will get a very mucky video feed especially in games with a lot of movement or colour everywhere. Secondly this device is not well suited for low spec laptops, tablets or older computers with average dual core processors in them and i will explain why. To view the video feed from this device requires a ton of cpu time, on my pc built back in 2009 which has a core2duo 3. 25ghz processor just watching a 720p 30fps video feed from this live gamer portable takes over half of my cpu power. You can change the resolution of the video but even at 848×480 standard widescreen defenition my cpu is still hitting up to 40% usage. This is a huge isse when it comes to trying to use this footage to stream which in turn requires more cpu on top to encode the stream video too. You can work around this in a limited way by using avermedia’s software to stream directly from the box, you get no options to add custom overlays or add anything else to the video feed but in turn it takes most of the strain off your computer and does everything inside the box, but going back to what i said at the start the built in chip is weak and unless you stream at a super high bitrate your video feed will suffer.

Works smooth, high quality videos. . Since i own and was satified with one of avermedia’s older capture cards, avertv capture hd h727, i decided to go for en external capture device and see if it’s gotten any better these days. Something more versatile so i didn’t have to open up the pc. I also wanted to capture ps4 video and screenshots when ps4 share is disabled or the developers slap on a very ugly watermark but anyway. Setup is simple – plug in the video cable from the game console into the box and then the provided hdmi cable out into your tv/monitor. It might be a good idea to note this box has hdmi output only so if you’re hoping for a component or old av out then, you won’t find those connectors on this. 0 support so make sure your computer has at least one port free for it. There is no software disc as with most hardware these days. Even the manual it comes with is out-of-date asking you to download and install recentral 2 when it’s 3 – it’s good to see software support still going despite this device being over a year oldonce everything’s plugged in, be sure to turn off hcp mode on your console. Otherwise you’re not going to get a signal. The software itself has a fairly good menu design.

Definitely worth the price. . Bought this because my more expensive pvr broke and i am so impressed at the level of quality this tiny little thing can put out. It is perfect for xbox 360 and one videos. The software that you use with it is so well made and easy to use letting you stream or just record with ease or if you know what you are doing you can change every setting possible to fine tune what it outputs. Compared to the other more expensive capture card this one is much better and you get more for what you pay for.

First off, i am it savvy but this is my first step into the murky waters of video capture. After a lot of reading product reviews i decided to buy this little unit for my 9yo son who’s determined to try his hand at being a youtuber. The unit arrived very quickly (thanks amazon prime) in it’s box which also contained the mini-usb to usb cable required for connection to the pc. I must state that this review is based on my use with an xbox one and it was rather fortunate that i already had a spare hdmi cable as the unit basically sits in between the console and the tv acting as a hdmi pass through while throwing the stream out to a pc/laptop via the usb connection. Having seen the quality and ease of use of this unit i almost wish i’d gone for the pc free version avermedia c875 gl710 live gamer portable hd, though the avermedia live gamer portable 2 (gc510) was far too much money for a first slash at this. Personally i found it a doddle to set up and use, even the firmware update went smoothly. The avermedia recentral software (which you also have to download from the website) is not a fully functioning editing suite but rather simply the means to capture the video and stream it off in the selected format. Once captured, i use a free 3rd party editing suite for post production and subsequent uploading to youtube. I also use another 3rd party product to make the filesize as small as possible for the final upload.

Excellent little device for it’s price. Excellent little device for it’s price. Not exactly cheap but cheaper compared to other device like the elgato capture card. Would definitely recommend this to other people. Works a treat once the drivers have been downloaded which is a simple task in itself really.

Price to quality is worth it. Summary: value for money is excellent, quality great not perfect, software ok (does the job) for stream or recordi use this with my wii u for streaming to twitch and recording to disk to upload to youtube. The quality i’d say is about 95%, pretty good but not as crisps as someone other gamers i’ve seen using different cards but 95% at this price was good for me. Its pretty easy to set up although the software is a little less than perfect. As an avid gamer and general pc nerd i pick up software quite quick but someone less pc literate may take a bit longer although i would definitely say do not get put off by that. There was fairly recently released streaming drivers to let you use this with other streaming software. I use obs and its great and seems well synchronised with my mic which is doing through obs opposed to the card. I’d definitely say this is worth it for the money and is the best budget/mid range capture card but if you want total utter perfection this falls a tiny bit short.

It is very good for recording gameplay and i love the fact that. It is very good for recording gameplay and i love the fact that you can go back to record what you want but the stream function is very poor and quite frankly just does not work, if they was to fix the streaming function this would be an 11/10 product, right now its an 8/10.

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