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What that means is that some of our users will not be able to log into Skype until they get updated.  We are currently running multiple version of Skype and were looking for a quick and simple way to uninstall the older version, install the newest version, but most importantly do not “Run on Windows Startup” and only install Skype, nothing else.  All this information is out there in bits and pieces.  This post will put them all together, hopefully, in an easy to understand guide. 

Download the newest version of business Skype from here:

  1. msiexec.exe /i skypesetup.msi /qn STARTSKYPE=FALSE SKYPEREMOVAL=DEFAULT ALLUSERS=1 FEATURE_PHONE=0 FEATURE_IEPLUGIN=0 FEATURE_FFPLUGIN=0 INSTALLLEVEL=1 TRANSFORMS=:RemoveStartup.mst TRANSFORMS=:RemoveDesktopShortcut.mst /qn /norestart /l skype.log
  2. REG DELETE HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v Skype /f

No.1 will install Skype without other features and stops the shortcut.  This also tries to stop the Run on Windows Startup, but have had problems with this.  It seems to work on every other user EXCEPT for the one under which is was installed.  To fix that, run No.2. 

So you have Skype already installed and want to uninstall it.  There is a very easy way to do this.  In K1000 just search for your Skype version (Inventory-> Software) and find the uninstall command like: MsiExec.exe /X{4E76FF7E-AEBA-4C87-B788-CD47E5425B9D}

add a few switches and that gives you:

This will uninstall this specific version of Skype quietly and not restart the computer.  This works for single version of Skype.  And if you have kept it so you only have one version.

Uninstall Multiple Versions:

This script tells the computer to find Skype.exe at C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\ and find the version number (if your Skype.exe is somewhere else,  you will need to change this).  We then use this information so that the correct MSI is used to uninstall Skype. 

We put this together (again in a vbs script) with the above and get the following:

This uninstalls the correct version.  If you have multiple version that need to be uninstalled (because who wants to make 7 scripts for 7 different versions, just use if…then…elseif…then…endif.)

Check_ver.vbs (just copy and paste into notepad)*

Making it silent. 


Make your script.

  1. SkypeSetup.msi
  2. Invis.vbs
  3. Check_ver.vbs

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