Amolto Skype Recorder Reviews

Loyal Skype users have had that moment when they wish that they could record their Skype calls with a Skype call recorder on PC. Skype is one of the tools that allow you to connect with friends who are worlds apart. We all agree that such moments are special and important. Recording such memories is a source of joy for the future.

Amolto is software that allows you record and save such moments for future use. We love tools that are so easy to use. No one wants to have something that is complicated in using. Amolto comes in handy as it is one of the simplest tools to use. Downloading and installation is something that anyone can do. This is something that has contributed to the wide use of this tool.

There are two versions of Amolto Skype recorder, one happens to be free while you will have to pay to get the premium version. The premium version has more features than what you would get in the free version. Anyone willing to invest in top notch software that has something more than the basics when it comes to recording Skype calls will get a good deal out of the premium version.

Just as we said that downloading this software is an easy task, recording also happens to be so easy that you will not get into a lot of trouble trying to figure out what to do once you have Amolto on your PC. These are some of the steps that you will follow to record any of your Skype calls.

Simple Steps to follow when recording Skype calls with Amolto

  1. Download Amolto Skype recorder, once you download the software, you will allow it to connect to Skype, this is the only way which you can be able to record any incoming or outgoing call via Skype.
  2. Once you install Amolto, you will be required to configure the tool in a way that it will be easier for you to use in future. The easiest way is to have Amolto record calls automatically. With this, any incoming or outgoing call will be recorded automatically. Alternatively, you may decide to record calls manually if that works best for you. It all narrows down to your preference.Below are two screen shots, one demonstrates the free version while the other demonstrates the trial version The major difference between the two is that the free version does not offer a video call while the trial period that you get with the premium version that you get offers the video call recording option.
  3. While recording a call, you have the option to either pause or stop recording the ongoing call. Stopping an ongoing recording terminates the recording and the portion recorded will be saved thus you cannot continue with the recording. Pausing on the other hand means that you can resume your recording whenever you want to.
  4. Once you are through with recording your Skype calls, you can click on the recording history to retrieve any recorded call that you may want to listen to. This is what makes using Amolto for Skype so easy and fun to use.

Before you can comfortably be able to use Amolto, you will need to configure the software in a way that it will be easier to use in the future. These are some of the things that you will have you take into serious consideration while configuring Amolto.

How to configure Amolto

  • Click on the general settings to get the various options that are available to the user. You can choose to start Amolto as soon as you log on to windows. This means that whenever you start windows, Amolto will automatically start and will be ready to record your Skype calls
  • You can choose to show the software’s tool tips in the notification area once the recording starts. This is good and easy as you can manage the ongoing recording.
  • The other option is whether you would want to automatically check for Amolto updates. This may work if you have free wifi, using your own data bundles may cost you some money. If not on free wifi, don’t select this option.
  • You can also choose whether you would want to automatically record both incoming and outgoing calls. This simplifies the work for you as you will not always have to hit on the start recording button every time you have a call.
  • Under files and folders, you will have the option of choosing the best place to save your recordings. This makes it easy for you to retrieve both your video calls and your audio calls.
  • Under then audio settings, you select the volume that you would want your recordings to have. There are other options that deal with the sound that you get to choose at this point. For instance, you can select the audio that you would want recorded be it on your side or the side of the person on the other end.
  • People with Amolto premium version will have the option of adjusting the side settings. The main requirement here is to select the resolution that you would want your video to have, the frames per second and whether you would want to show the date. That is how simple configuring Amolto is; it does not take a genius to do so.


Amolto has proved to be one of the best tools for recording Skype calls and this is made better by the fact that it is easy to use software. It comes with some of the best features that most people who would want to record Skype calls wish for. If you want to enjoy more of what this tool has to offer, you should consider paying some cash for the premium version which has a lot including the ability to record Skype video calls. Anyone with the interest of having the premium version should try  the trial package which is for free and which allows you to enjoy more of what Amolto has to offer.

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