Amolto Call Recorder for Skype is great and one of the best tools in the world that enables you to record Skype conversations. The program has a very simple interface for all the users without any interruption. It will let you enjoy a good time while using it as it displays the status on the earphones and good high quality sound.  It is a great feeling to have your Skype conversations recorded with this tool because it records both incoming and outgoing Skype calls automatically and later stores them in a folder on your computer for future reference. One day i know, you might need to playback your recordings to remember some of the good memories and this is where Amolto comes in and plays its part. Whatever you record will be saved and still be intact the way it was when you were recording. This software is modern with a cool design for effectual call recording which is convenient for business as well as personal conversations.

The application is compatible with windows and you will not find any hard time when using it, it will not damage you computer because it has no viruses, it is spy free , so when downloading Amolto call recorder for Skype be sure that you are on the safe side and you will no regrets whatsoever in the future. However, the software comes in two versions. The free trial version and the Premium version. The free version  allows you to record your audio Skype calls whereas the premium version offers you with both video and audio Skype conversations;  premium version still offers you with the free trial version which enables you to have unlimited Skype audio calls and  limited video calls for 5 minutes only. All that is being offered to you to help you see how the app works and if it perfect for you, you can choose to upgrade to the premium version and enjoy the other unlimited features that you will not be able to access with the free version for example, having both incoming and outgoing Skype conversations recorded automatically, screen sharing huddle which is suitable for conferences as well as recording Skype video calls etc.

To have Amolto call recorder for Skype run on your computer is so easy by following the steps below:


Download and Install Amolto application from its official website to your computer and then proceed from the instructions that will show up.


After the installation, the app will ask you to authorize it to Skype, so you will click ok and allow it to have access. After you will be able to click the start button to begin recording Skype calls automatically.


Now, here when you are ready to record your Skype calls automatically, you will also be in control to pause and resume the recording by clicking on the Pause/stop button. This is interesting because when you pause the recording and then resume it again, it will surely begin from the point it got paused. And then store them on your desktop to be watched in the future if you want to.

P.S Also, you mark the automatic recording box so that every time you make a Skype call, it is recorded automatically.


After that step, Click Manage other programs access to Skype


Then, press change, on Manage API access control


Finally press Allow this program to use Skype & approve.


  • The trial version is free of charge.
  • It records Skype conversations automatically.
  • Amolto automatically starts recording as soon as you begin a Skype conversation


  • The premium version is expensive
  • It only supports windows versions.

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